"I've never subscribed to a Youtube Channel, let alone written a direct letter to any YouTuber. The Message and the Information is so important that I almost consider you to the "Harriet Tubman" for the "Modern" Black Woman." - Brooklyn

"I've only recently discovered your videos, but I have been binged watched and I am Hooked. I have applied your teachings already and I have seen a change in how I'm showing up."- Khai

"On Consulting: Thanks Chloe..You've provided such an awesome plan. Thanks again for helping and listening."- Jasmine

"I wanted to reach out to you privately and say I think your videos are awesome, necessary and right on time. I want to own my stuff, take responsibility, grow and learn and make better choices so that I can have that successful healthy relationship."- Anonymous

"Chloe. You are amazing. Thank you so much for the content that you provide and the message that you are teaching. I am 40 years old, married and although I thought I was raised to be feminine, I understand now that I had only scratched the surface and really had no understanding of the internal mindset. Since finding your channel, my marriage is turning around."- Clarissa

"I want to begin by saying "Thank You." Your YouTube videos have really helped me. I've started this journey of hypergamy three months ago and your videos have been a tremendous guide. Thank you for sharing everything you know and for helping me to begin to break generational curses."- Paloma

"It does not surprise me that your Youtube Channel has caught on with so many. Your physical voice attractive, informative, and non distracting. And your presentation is polished as well as timed well. It look like you came into the game ready to handle The Hypergamous Life as a business. I look forward to your continued success."- Signed a Male Fan

"I am so thankful for your Youtube Channel. I have been thinking this way for over 5 years and I have been married over 20 years. I just want you to continue spreading the "Truth."- Tiffany

"The work that you do is invaluable. I only wish I had someone honestly tell me this when I was younger."- Simone

"All the way from London. Thank you so much. I have discovered your channel and it is amazing. I have watched every video and you have allow me to see myself in a higher esteem and live my life. Honestly...Thank you."- Vanessa

"I just want to say thank you so much for making your videos on YouTube. Everything you say is stuff that I've thought of but never vocalized or heard vocalized by anyone. I've alway been afraid to say some of the stuff you say but everything you say is true and you just don't know how much it helps me as woman to just HEAR these things vocalized and CONFIRMED as true."-Willow

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  1. Hi just wanted to say thanks Chleo. Like you said women are competitive, so for you to be sharing the game shows so much about your private life and character. Where I was raised and my upbringing noone ever taught anything of things you teach. The thruth is so painful but it's much needed. You really helped transform my life. I can't thank you enough. I hope the universe gives it back to you and your family ten fold. Internet hugs tears and kisses. Your just beyond dope. Blessings xoxoxo The little black girl from the projects in Brooklyn

  2. I want to Thank You so much, I was introduced to your channel by my niece, I've listened to you everyday since, you have totally changed my life.