A "traditional" finishing school is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social graces and Upper Crust Cultural rites and rituals as preparation for entry into elevated society. The primary goal of a "traditional" finishing school is to teach women how to acquire husbands.  The 1960s marked the decline of the finishing school as the rise in feminism eclipsed the traditional role of a wife.

However, The New Feminine Finishing School (Created by New Feminine Media Founder Chloe!)  is a modern version of a "Finishing School" where women can learn how to incorporate elevated feminine practices to accomplish their personal goals in femininity, womanhood, hypergamy, polished etiquette, practicing radical self-care and getting top notch advice on how men think. At The New Feminine having feminine sophistication and feminine self-awareness to have a greater chance of success at romance and love is our Platinum Standard. At The New Feminine, we pride ourselves in teaching women how not to be a cookie cutter feminine wannabe. At The New Feminine the modern woman can be both intelligent, accomplished, Soft and Feminine.  Are you ready to be her? XO, Chloe

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