What is a Finishing School?

A "traditional" finishing school is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social graces and Upper Crust Cultural rites and rituals as preparation for entry into elevated society. The primary goal of a "traditional" finishing school is to teach women how to acquire husbands.  The 1960s marked the decline of the finishing school as the rise in feminism eclipsed the traditional role of a wife.

However, The New Feminine Finishing School (created by Chloe) is a modern version of a "Finishing School" where women can learn to incorporate daily feminine practices to accomplish their personal goals in elevating their womanhood, making great first impressions, hypergamy, practicing radical self-care, learninlearning social graces, having polished etiquette, learning high value dating strategies, cherishing their mental health, and getting top notch advice on how men think, becoming more seductive and having the highest of feminine confidence. At The New Feminine having feminine eloquence, feminine self-awareness, and taking your femininity to greater heights to have a greater chance of success with high value men is our standard.

The New Feminine is not about being a cookie cutter feminine wannabe. The New Feminine is about the art of being a ladylike and teaching women how to be uniquely themselves amongst an amazing group of supportive, elevated and progressive similar minded women. The modern woman can be both intelligent, accomplished, and feminine.  Are you ready to be her?

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"First They Will Criticize. Then They Will COPY. - Chloe

Stop watching those humiliating and depressing Manosphere Videos that do nothing but make you feel hopeless and undesirable! Stop watching those Youtube Videos that are only going to encourage you to build a Mega Mansion in Bitterness! Feminine Winners focus on the Frequency of Winning! On our Patreon Page you will get Up to Date Access: Cheat Codes, Understanding your Feminine Archetype, Feminine Fashion, Feminine Videos, Feminine Television, Feminine Movies, and Time Saving How To's on How to Transform from being an Ignored Invisible Woman to a Jaw Dropping One. Don't you think  you've already wasted enough time (Time That you Will Never Get Back) Bullch*tting or Doom Scrolling on The Gram? 

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