What is a Finishing School?

A "traditional" finishing school is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social graces and Upper Crust Cultural rites and rituals as preparation for entry into elevated society. The primary goal of a "traditional" finishing school is to teach women how to acquire HUSBANDS. The 1960s marked the decline of the finishing school as the rise in feminism eclipsed the traditional role of a wife.

However, The New Feminine Finishing School (created by Chloe_) is a modern version of a "Finishing School" where women can learn to incorporate modern feminine practices to accomplish their personal goals in first impressions, self-care, social graces, polished etiquette, dating, courting, relationships and marriage and business etiquette.

The New Feminine isn't about being stuffy, stiff or pasty. The New Feminine is about the art of being a lady and living your best ladylike life. The New Feminine is also about having feminine eloquence, feminine self-awareness, and taking your femininity to greater heights to have a greater chance of success with high value men.

The modern woman can be both intelligent, accomplished, and feminine.  Are you ready to be her?

*Tired of being a Masculine woman and a Basic Plain Jane? Want to stand out and apart from the masculine herd? Want to trade in your frumpiness for womanhood? The Join The New Feminine Finishing School. The New Feminine is an exclusive online Finishing School that offers unlimited feminine strategy, and mindset advice on dating, etiquette, seduction, and learning how to keep high value men interested by using proven strategies that work. At the New Feminine our number one goal is helping women to learn how to succeed at being provided for and becoming a femininely confident Hypergamous woman!  XO, Chloe.


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