“Hello. My name is Chloe. And I teach women how to be feminine."
Chloe_ is the wife, mother, femininity influencer, content creator, womanhood educator, a number #1 best selling author and the passionate YouTube voice and founder behind the  feminine wellness company, New Feminine Media, and lifestyle brands "The New Feminine School”  and "The Hypergamous Life": social platforms dedicated to improving the lives of women who are tired of being masculine and invisible. A graduate of NYU with a degree in Communication Studies, Chloe lives in New York City with her hubby, amazing daughter and the family French bulldog, Mr. Wiggles.  

New Feminine Media, founded in 2018, is the modern feminine lifestyle brand and feminine wellness company founded to inspire women to reach the highest of heights on their personal feminine journey through feminine education, feminine culture, womanhood empowerment, luxury living, removing emotional blockages, holding a soft feminine space for themselves and by radically focusing on feminine rejuvenation and feminine transformation. Our Feminine Purpose? To start refreshed, reinvigorated, and renewed conversations on womanhood by way of feminine culture, feminine perspective, and by unpacking old, stale and stagnant paradigms that are regressive and crushing to the Feminine Divine.

The New Feminine Finishing School is an online feminine education community where women can learn exclusive feminine practices to accomplish their personal goals in feminine self-care, making themselves a great catch, polished etiquette, dating, courting, romance, marriage and actionable advice on how to live a top shelf feminine life!  If you are a woman who is interested in learning how to become a Feminine Dream Woman, Then The New Feminine is for you.

The Feminine Book Club is the first Book Club of its kind to solely focus on reading and feminine discussions that are specifically designed to enhance the femininity of women. The Feminine Book Club features feminine reads, films, TV shows, marriage reads, etiquette reads, feminine quotes, and feminine discourse amongst its members that is geared towards strategically enhancing and winning in the Feminine Realm. 

What kind of woman-ly are you? Are you a born Alpha, The Girl Next Door, A Diva, A Goddess, A Boss, The Analytic, A Boss, A Princess, A Tomboy or a little bit of everything? To get a head start at becoming a more visibly authentic version of yourself read: Womanly! Womanly is your less than one hour, quick-read guide, written to help you bloom and shine in the recognition of your feminine archetype. In Womanly!, not only will you will discover your feminine archetype and celebrity examples to match, but you will also discover your male archetype match to better pinpoint the magic of creating chemistry with high value men that are just your type! Women are not a copy and paste monolith and they aren’t meant to be, so this book is for the woman who understands the feminine importance of winning at the game of life and love with the seductive power of originality and knowing who she is from the inside out!