For those of you who don't know, "The Soft Era" is the intentional, life shifting "act" of creating a life of leisure, comfort, feminine joy, and intentional happiness while doing your best to limit doubt, fear, worry, despair, powerlessness, anxiety, struggle, self-sabotage, stress, burnout, strife or INFERIORITY and it is an ERA that is here to stay…and here are 7 Reasons Why: 
  1. No more Apologizing. Gone are the Proud "Dust Bunny" or "Pickmeshia Jenkins" days where women are apologizing for stepping into the full appreciation of their femininity. Women are exhausted and are wholesale burnt out from leading in their masculine. This performative masculinity has taken its TOLL, but thankfully that tide is changing for good!
  2. No More Shaming. Gone are the SHAMING days where women are obligated to step into Masculine Shoes to feel worthy or to prove themselves! The Soft Life in many ways is about being a Lover Vs. being a Fighter! Feminine Ladies, Masculine Dominance is for Men and is for the Masculina Surrogates who want it! 
  3. The Power of Having Boundaries. Gone are the days where women aren't aware of the power of the company that they keep. Living a soft feminine life will always means filtering out the stalkers, the predators,  the hunters, the cutthroats, the sisterhood of failure and the chaos makers who seek to destroy your peace with DISCOURAGEMENT.
  4. The Power of Womanly Beauty. Feminine Women are all about BEAUTY and are all about living a beautifully fulfilling life: first, foremost and always!
  5. The Power of Having an Abundance Mindset. The generations before us were lead and groomed to believe in lack, scarcity, struggle, fear, doubt and worry, but today is a New Day! Having an abundance mindset is ours for the taking and this is especially true when we do our feminine homework!
  6. Thriving in our Feminine Lane has never been easier. Feminine Wellness, Feminine Community, radically loving on ourselves and shining in our Feminine Radiance is our womanhood birthright and it has never been easier to do it.
  7. Mutually Beneficial Relationships Only! Gone are the Dusty days where we are co-dependently pouring into others, while our own cups are completely drained and empty! The name of The Feminine Game is now: Reciprocity Only! 

So Cheers to Feminine Sophistication and to the Nuanced Art of  Feminine Living! The year 2022 and the time is now to stop feeding yourself nutritionally shallow and low brow information by the POUND. Stop watching those humiliating and depressing Manosphere and Pickmeshia videos that do nothing but make you feel devalued, hopeless and undesirable. Stop watching those unhelpful PANDERING Femcel Channels that will only encourage you to build a Mega Mansion in Bitterness!  No more trauma bonding with  “girlfriend tribe”over Dusty Men while remaining stuck and losing at the bottom!  And ask yourself this very important question:  Are you looking to argue with Dusty Men all day  or are you looking for a solution?

At The New Feminine, Feminine Winners only focus on the frequency of Winning! And in our New Feminine Community we strategically unpack and discuss it all in the SAFEST of environments: Feminine Fashion, Feminine Videos, Feminine Movies, Feminine Wellness, Feminine Sophistication and time saving ideas on How to Transform yourself from being an Ignored Invisible Woman to a Jaw Dropping Gorgeous One! Don't you think you'vealready wasted enough time in low vibrational environments and doom scrolling on the gram? XO, Chloe

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