The Beauty of being 21 and Under and being brand new To the Feminine Journey is that in many ways time is on your side to live your best Hypergamous Life.  You are technically, Generation Alpha,  and now more than ever before your ability to step into your feminine power compared to previous generations before you is truly unlimited in its possibilities! So without further ado...Here are 8 Feminine Things I wish I know at 21!

  1. Have a Quality over Quantity Mindset. This mindset will serve you in the long run! High Value Women avoid cheapness like the plague because a stingy and cheap spirit will only attract DUST: namely dusty men and dusty friendships with dust bunny women. Having High Standards protects you from low quality experiences!
  2. In the Game of Womanhood and Fertility you are at your Prime. A woman's Peak Fertility Window is between the ages of 16-30, with a drop in egg quality after 35. Don't believe it? Do you research and ask any OB GYN doctor about peak fertility and Watch our very important Video on The 15 Year Window! You can also learn more about obtaining your Mrs. Degree over at The New Feminine. 
  3. Learn Everything You Can About Masculinity. Most Modern women do not have the clue about who Men are, what they find attractive or what they consider to be a good wife. To Learn this very Important Feminine Skill Set, consider joining The New Feminine. 
  4. To Attract Good friends; be a good friend! Like minded girlfriends are a must on the feminine journey, so treat your time like money and never waste your time on Negative Nancy's who are talkers on the sideline of life! Always remember;  best way to attract good friends is to be a good friend. 
  5. Around the age of 23-26, Start looking for Quality Relationship Material in the form of a Husband, and never ever listen to the women who tell you to wait until you're 35. Most women over 35 will never tell you that the search for a quality Provider for most single women gets HARDER after a certain age. Want Proof of this? The Evidence is all over Social Media; especially Tick Tock. 
  6. Eat Right, Exercise and Watch Your Womanly Figure. Being in Tip-Top Shape will always give a woman an advantage in the dating and marriage marketplace as it will always increase her access and her options. While you should always look good for you, always keep in mind that Men are Visual Creatures!
  7. Keep Your Makeup Natural and Simple and avoid the Over The Top Duncan Hines Makeup. Your Skin will Thank You!
  8. Read All of The Feminine Books That You Can. A Feminine Education is a Must! To Gain Access To the Feminine Book Club, join The New Feminine for our Easy Access top Notch Syllabus to go from being an Amateur to a Pro. A Feminine Education is what you will need to learn how to get your way with MEN. XO, Chloe
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