The New Moon, which happens every 29-30 days represents the The New Moon Lunar Cycle and is the ideal time for a Feminine Woman to welcome in Fresh Energy, Course Correction, and Goal Setting. (As old ways of thinking, being and existing can cause a nasty vortex of Staleness, Stuckness and Stagnancy!). Today’s New Moon In Gemini is happening Monday, May 30, 2022.

As a Feminine Woman, you should always be mindful of the things that are weighing you down physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and/ or the things that we as women tend to Stage 5 Cling onto out of a Fear of Change. And when we are fearful of change, we will never be able to live up to our highest feminine potential. When we are resistant to change we tend to play ourselves SMALL while we watch other people do and accomplish the things that we DREAM of doing all because our fears have a vested interest in keeping our feet planted in cement. But honoring The New Moon is a Reminder that it is perfectly ok to Trust the Unknown and that YES, everything will be OK even when we aren’t sure. So here are 8 empowering ways to Create and Practice a New Moon Ritual:

  1. Declutter and Create a Sacred Space. Find a Corner, A Room or Create an Alter where you can pray, meditate, journal and otherwise establish and energy space dedicated to the energy of renewal.
  2. Light a Candle. Light a Candle and Set an Intention of Gratitude. Be thankful for your wins, your losses, your past highs and lows as they all work together in harmony to support, nurture, stretch and grow your feminine spirit.
  3. Set Clear Intentions. Set Intentions that are Crystal Clear to You, that are Concise, and that are as Specific as Possible. For Example: "Buy A Bouquet of Flowers Weekly" or "Obtain a New Job that Brings Me Fulfillment with a Higher Salary, or "Lose 7 Pounds This Month." These Intentions are Clear, Specific and Concise.
  4. Meditate. Meditating during a New Moon can range from a simple 5 Minute Meditation to an Intense Sound Bath Meditation. The "no matter what" goal of meditation is to calm your feminine mind as the mind tends to get FRIED with an overload of distractions, information overload, along with the accumulated thoughts, fears, judgements and the opinions of others leaving our feminine divine depleted. Having a New Moon Ritual at hand will encourage the energy of restoration.
  5. Journal. After you meditate, get quiet and reflect your inner thoughts in your journal. You can journal out your desires, set intentions, reflect on the current state of your mind, your heart and your spirit. Here is a great writing prompt that I love to Use: "What do Need to let Go Of that is Keeping me from getting to the Next Phase of My Life?"
  6. Have A Few a Several Healing Crystals on Deck or Recharge The Ones You Have. Do your research on Crystals by Conducting a YouTube Search or watching YouTube Videos. Common Healing Crystals Include: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, or Chrysocolla. 
  7. Affirm Yourself in The Positive with a Mantra or Several. Women who are accustomed to beating up on themselves are women who tend to affirm themselves in the negative with disempowering beliefs, spending too much time in the Sisterhood of Failure: Frenemies, Embittered Women, UnHappy Women, Soul Leeches, Energy Vampires or from The Broken Women in our Families. Affirming yourself with Positive Mantras supports the knowing that how we speak to ourselves matter and that words have POWER.
  8. Try Something New. The New Moon is the perfect time to introduce fresh and new experiences into your life. Go on that First Date, try a new restaurant, buy a new houseplant, book a massage, take a dance class, and give yourself the gift of new experiences and it will energize your Feminine Spirit to the Fullest.
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