What You Need to Know About Philly: Philly is a cosmopolitan, economically diverse city with old world charm and is one of the oldest cities in our nation and yes, we are obsessed with Cheese Steaks. Divided by Center, North, West and South Philly, each borough contains gems of Philly's Historic American History and Culture. In the Northeast we are the second most populated city with New York City being the First. Where to Meet Men: Everywhere! We have a "Small town in a Big City Feel" and you will never run out of CULTURAL things to do. Hi, My Name is Mumbi Ngugi and here are my Hypergamous Lifestyle recommendations for The City of Brotherly Love: 

The Best Place to Dress to Impress: Stratus Rooftop Bar!

If you're looking to dress and impress, while freestyling (going solo) for a more elevated scene Stratus Rooftop Bar is your Go To.

The Best Place for an Impressive Saturday Night Date: Steak 48.

Steak 48: Upscale, fine dining place with Ah-Mazing Steak and One of the Most Spendy restaurants in the city. This place is a Flex.

The Four seasons Rooftop Bar-- considered one of the best Four seasons across the road, visit Philadelphia's Four Seasons JG Sky High Bar-- the newly renovated rooftop bar that is an elevated place for an expensive evening. But good luck getting a reservation not months in advance! Great place for a suitor to show he's serious.

The Best Place to get Your Flirt On: Ocean Prime

Ocean prime: High end fine dining restaurant located in center city, whose romantic ambiance will help get you feminine juices flowing, and a great place to get your flirt on.

The Best Place for a First Kiss: Rittenhouse Square Fountain.

A fountain located in the historic Rittenhouse square park, its a romantic place to toss a coin in the fountain and seal your wish with a kiss:) Especially under the lights during winter.

The Best Spot for Shopping: The Fashion District

The Fashion District is a great mall in center city with your classic fast fashion brands and a sprinkle of high end shops in the area. But locals tend to travel just 30 mins away from Philly, to King of Prussia Mall, for access to more exclusive shopping places like Hermes and Tiffanys, though Tiffany's can be found in Philly too.

The Best Place for a Quick Lunch Date: Oyster House

Oyster House is a seafood and raw bar known for fine dining seafood.

The Best High End Italian: Guiseppe & Sons

The Best Place for Culture: Philadelphia Arts District. Located on  Benjamin Franklin Parkway ("The parkway"), the Parkway is home to several famous art museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. You can also go to the Barnes Museum  to wet your appetite for the impressionists, and the Rodin Museum dedicated entirely to the works of the legendary french sculptor.

The Best Elevated Southern Dining: Fette Say

Fette Sau is a great place for High End Barbecue and everything will melt in your mouth.

The Best Date Idea for Thrill Seekers: A Hot Air Balloon Ride!

The Best Spot to Wear Heels: Barclays Prime!

Especially on a Date! Barclays prime is another highly recommended high end Steakhouse and Lounge of the Chef Stephan Starr. Alternatively, an evening at the Philadelphia Country Club is an excellent place to show off your heels.

The Best Place for an Overnight Stay: The Ritz Carlton. Classic. No Words Needed. You can also try The Logan Philadelphia which is a part of the Curio Collection by Hilton and is a five star Hotel located on the Parkway with a wonderful rooftop Bar called Assembly.

This "Where to Meet Men" Series Guide was written by Mumbi Ngugi and you can find her on Instagram Here. If you would like to write a "Where to Meet Men" series for your city, please contact The Hypergamous Team at thehypergamouslife@gmail.com for further info.

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  1. I’m in Ohio! Philly is only a hour and a few minutes away! I was sad about not going back to Atlanta for my birthday 🥳 But, I’m happy about this list! Thank yoouuu

  2. Um, I am so confused. Philly is about 5 hours away 🥺 I am still thinking about driving though

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