One of the most persistently nagging self-sabotaging disempowering low self-esteem habits that a woman can have is her addiction to having The Poverty Mindset. The often inherited and passed down "mindset disease" of The Poverty Mindset comes from the unshakable belief (mixed with a lifestyle emotional investment) that believes in lack, struggle and perpetual victimhood. And The Poverty mindset will reinforce these negative frequencies with your thoughts,  your narrative, the way you carry yourself, the way you treat yourself and the way that you move in the world—even when success is all around you. But Femininity, The Feminine Principle, and the transformation energy that womanhood requires, cannot flourish, blossom, bloom in the present of a Poverty Mindset because The Poverty Mindset is a bonafide blocker,   a destroyer and is one of the lowest life frequencies that a woman can participate in. So here are the 13 Signs of a Poverty Mindset and how to crush the spirit of self-sabotage for good:

  1. You see yourself as a victim. Victimhood is one of the strongest addictions known to man...as unpleasant, horrible, nightmarish, unhappy, devastating, and traumatizing experiences will happen to everyone. But its how we respond to trauma that can make or break our ability to create and have a better life. Victimhood is how we encourage ourselves to remain stagnant by playing the blame game. But a woman plays the blame game will always be the one in the end who loses. 
  2. All of Your Friends are Losers. Loser friends are women who reinforce struggle, are friends who are only energized by negativity, gossiping, and are otherwise women who don't grow, evolve and are resistant to change. So they practice every bad habit you can think of: reckless sex, smoking, drinking, drugs, having zero lifestyle goals and treating themselves like trash. 
  3. Speaking of Losers. You only hang around or listen to people who reinforce your damaged world view. Discouraging influences are everywhere: Youtube, Femininity Influencers, Instagram, in your family, your friends, your neighborhood and your environment—all helping you to remain stuck, stagnant, resentful, angry,  disempowered- and not abundant. 
  4. The Fear of Feminine Success. With feminine success comes responsibility,  accountability, standing out, standing apart and lots of feminine upkeep. It also comes with peeling yourself away from the familiar: stagnant relationships, friendships, low value men and otherwise your girlfriends who talk a good game but who never deliver on their own lives. The fear of success is what will often cause a woman to dig her heels into the Poverty Mindset because stepping out of your comfort zone will always require you to wear your big girl panties. 
  5. You believe in Lack and Limitation. The belief in lack and limitation comes from the base idea that there isn't enough to go around: men, money, love, happiness or success and this believe is otherwise known as the glass is half-full syndrome. When a woman believes in lack her world view will be small, narrow, rigid and she will become a professional at pocket watching and being envious of the success of others.
  6. You're waiting to be rescued, apologized to, or you are waiting for a hero. Women who see themselves as victims tend to sit around waiting for the wrongs that were done to them to be righted. So they hem, they haw, and they sometimes wait an entire lifetime for the person who hurt them to fix the hurt. But here's a wake up call and a raw truth:  The person who hurt you isn't coming to fix it and although we are not responsible for the damage that was done to us, we are responsible for healing it. 
  7. You're Envious of People who Have More than You. People who have more than us should be viewed as source of inspiration for what is possible. But The Poverty mindset will only see the blessings of others as an insult or an offense because the poverty mind is competitive and comparative—but it is also LAZY.
  8. You Practice Day to Night Misandry. Misandry is all about reaffirming your hatred of men. But as long as women play the never ending blame game with men they will never attract providers, quality husbands, or loving protectors. Unresolved trauma or Daddy issues will hinder and block your ability to have a loving, healthy and thriving relationship with a man—PERIOD.
  9. You're a Hoarder or Bonafide Cheapskate. Do you obsessively hold onto old food, clothes, makeup & beauty products believing that "one day" you're going to use them? That is a belief in lack. Are you cheap with spending money on yourself? That is a belief in lack and unworthiness. But women who are cheap with themselves and their self-care will attract and sustain relationships with men who are withholding, ungenerous and you guessed it: cheap!
  10. You never offer to pick up the check. Women with poverty mindsets generally lack the abundant spirit of generosity and are always looking for a way to get over on others because they do not respect the give and take that comes with reciprocity. 
  11. You are Terrified of Taking Risks. Feminine success and success with men comes with taking risks: Getting your body right, eating well, exercising, going out on dates, traveling to places you've never been, and otherwise stepping outside of your familiar ecosystem. People who are terrified of taking risks are women who are looking to blend in the Herd. But the herd can't help you lose weight nor will they help you find an affluent, wealthy or loving provider and protector husband.  Only you can do that by your lonesome by putting in the work.
  12. You are Filled with Shame. Shame is the inherent belief that you are flawed, broken and unfixable. It is the belief that you are deserving of  nothing, very little, or that you deserve to be punished for merely breathing and existing. Shame, feeling unworthy, low self-esteem and the Poverty mindset will often go hand in hand.
  13. You're a Non-Believer. Women who refuse to believe in Manifesting, The Law of Attraction or who refuse to believe in the Power of Karma are generally spiritually blind women who do not believe in the invisible laws of power. But in order for anything to happen in our lives a desire to have what we say we want must be spiritually planted within. 
So how do we fix, mend and repair the Poverty mindset? It all starts with Acknowledgment and Acceptance: Accepting that this is your current state of mind, accepting that the Poverty Mindset has been your crutch, accepting that you weren't taught any better, and having a strong self-motivating desire that you are worthy of having a better life by committing to change: stopping those inherited negative habits, setting femininity goals,  seeing a therapist, and cutting out and cutting off the dead weight that seeks to keep you sinking in a boat of misery and disempowerment. Love yourself enough to want better and the world can truly be your oyster!

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