If there's one thing that I've learned about living The Hypergamous Life and having feminine ambition is this: that as a feminine woman you will always get out of your womanhood exactly what you put in. And the more that you put in on your feminine journey: by reading, studying, dating, applying, practicing, having feminine tunnel vision and learning from your mistakes; the more you'll get out. This is the non-negotiable winning mindset to have.

And although modern women have been wonderfully set up to have their complete independence, have modern women...particularly black women, been set up to fail in their romantic lives?
What is truly amazing (statistics wise) is exactly how much the average woman is willing to spend and/or borrow (between $25-150 grand for a college degree and higher education is the number one source of American Debt!) but will outright refuse to invest their personal time, money, consistency and dedication towards feminine reading, feminine fashion, makeup, hair, beauty and decor to grow and evolve due to four major factors: socially engineered misandrist attitudes, having a defeatist mindset, good ole fashioned skepticism, and the gross miseducational blindspot of neglect that most modern women will have about femininity and womanhood in their adult lives.

There are millions upon millions of women who mortgaged their futures by paying for those expensive textbooks, who've pulled plenty of overnights to obtain their Higher Educations (college degrees that many don't often even use!) and who have faithfully applied themselves all to walk across a graduation stage but who will often pushback and resist on learning the feminine arts, becoming a feminine woman and becoming a Hypergamous Bombshell all because they simply cannot see the feminine forrest for the trees. 

So what are the life enhancing possibilities that comes with harnessing your femininty, womanhood, and living a Hypergamous life? For starters: a healthy marriage, a family, companionship, fulfillment, love, someone to care, happiness, joy and partnership: all things that women from all walks of life will come to desire in their lives at one point or another when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. But unfortunately these very natural womanly desires have now become an afterthought of socially engineered self-sabotage. 

So let me let you in on a little secret: I have three college degrees (an associates, a bachelors and a Masters) and absolutely none of those degrees have ever taught me one iota or one rusty ounce about my femininity or the preciousness of my womanhood. And as modern day women; particularly black women, we really need to understand the devastating implications of what we are NOT being taught.

The brutal feminine truth of it all is that I have benefitted way more from the applied learning of my feminine journey than I have ever had with all of my college degrees combined. And while I will never regret my academic accomplishments does it really make sense to be so lifelong ignorant about a womanhood pathway that can be so life affirming?

Ladies please treat your feminine investment the same way you would obtaining your higher education, getting your Masters, studying for an LSAT, The Bar exam, writing your resume, or the prepping that you're willing to do for a job interview. The payoff will always be worth it and your feminine journey will thank you a million times over for it. XO, Chloe

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  1. Thanks Chloe! I literally was about to get my masters, then I realized something's during the pandemic: I never put my femininity on a pedestal, so I will be Mastering Hypergamy and stepping my feminine game up for the next 2 years. Thank you for the inspiration.

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