And just like that, the promise of a Hot Girl Summer is right around the corner. April was a good feminine month for me: I rewatched the feminine brilliance of Beyonce's Lemonade Film, I've been learning all that I can about the effects of trauma, and I booked two long overdue amazing out of town trips because having fun outside is officially on its way back and I've had it up to my neck with living in this Covid knapsack. So here are my decor, beauty, movie, music, and feminine fashion favorites for the month of April that have helped to keep my feminine energy fresh, elevated and inspired. Enjoy. XO, Chloe.

What a cute Flower Bud Vase

Colorful Floral Jar Candle for Mom.

My latest MUST HAVE red lip. You're welcome.

Fragrance: Orange Peel.

This Sage Spray has become my latest form of energy cleansing.

Thirty Pieces that a Woman should own by 30.

Telfar is dropping its latest bag in Hot Pink. Get it while supplies last.

Oprah's dropped a much needed book on Trauma that all women should read.

Gorgeous women: The Beautiful Precious Lee talks about her Nighttime beauty routine. Also, what a fabulous Harper's Bazaar Cover.

A Simple Salt and Pepper Bowl for Cooking.

My New Favorite Home Candle

This Goddess dress is a Dream.

At the age of 44, Journalst Kristen Welker is having her Happy Ending

Gold on Dark Skin for The win. 

This body brush is pretty amazing.

Early 90's vibes: Rollerskating is making a comeback 

A chunk knit beach dress for sexy summer nights.

Sherri Shepard and her 20 pound weight loss looks freakin FANTASTIC.

Bought these Pearl Slide Sandals and knew they would sell out immediately. Hopefully they will restock.

The perfect weekend summer dress.

Promising Young Woman was a dope movie.

My new secret weapon for an inside out healthy body.

These flat hoop earrings are a vibe.

This feminine skirt is will be sold out in a flash.

I would read anything written by Dian Von Furstenberg because she is a true Hypergamous Legend.

Zara has dropped a stationary collection and this Floral Notebook will be all mine.

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  1. Hi Chloe! Great list of essentials for us to have for a hot girl summer! Even though we are half way through the summer, there’s still time for us to add these items to our list!