Tired of waiting to be chosen? Tired of being thirsty over that one Dusty? Tired of siting on the sidelines waiting for a miracle of a man to show up? Tired of living in the frustration of the Desperation Zone? Want to exactly know how to become a winner in the Marketplace of love? 

Two words: Roster Dating. 

Roster Dating or Rotational Dating,  in a nutshell, is the feminine art of openly dating more than one person at the same time and is a very effective feminine lifestyle strategy that not only can be used to increase a feminine woman's odds, but is also an empowering reminder that when it comes to men, putting all of your feminine eggs into one *sad face* basket ain't hashtag goals. 

Ladies, a man's job in this world is to compete. And yes that means competing for YOU! Yes the Judging Judy's and Haters will gag, judge, and frown upon your decision to be smarter and strategic for the win, but all is fair in love and war.  

When aspiring to live The Hypergamous Life, dating is a strategic meeting of the feminine and the masculine principle where chemistry is a hopeful possibility and where masculine men are auditioning for a role to have the center stage of your undivided attention as your boyfriend, partner or husband! Ladies, when it comes to men,  exclusivity should always be EARNED; not given away.  So here are our feminine editor suggestions on finessing the game of building a roster:
  1. Roster dating inspires a man to chase. Nothing makes a man chase harder than knowing that he isn't the only one in pursuit. 
  2. Dating mean that you aren't exclusive and that is a good thing. Actively dating and enjoying the single life is your prerogative! No matter what anyone says, dating does not mean that you are having sex with all of your potentials, and quite frankly your love life isn't anyone's business or up for discussion. 
  3. The sperm always competes for the egg. Roster dating reminds men that you are the feminine PRIZE. Men don’t have eggs; women do!
  4. The Power of Choice. Roster Dating Filters out the quality from the quantity. When on your feminine journey you will meet a lot of ogres and frogs because not all men are created equal. But the more you date the better your odds at attracting a quality suitor.
  5. The Dusty's will give up Pretty Quickly. In Roster dating, low value men are more inclined to delete themselves out of the picture because they are actually competing!
  6. Flattery ain't Courting and Spending. In Roster Dating, you'll learn the difference between getting superficial attention, aka FLATTERY, and being actually pursued and courted which are two different lanes that inexperienced women will often confuse. A man only showing you shallow attention is considered very low effort so always throw those men right back into the low value water. 
  7. A Hypergamous Woman Vets! Speaking of water, dating is like fishing in a pond. The smaller the pond the smaller the catch, so only fish in vast high value ponds. And how does a feminine woman do that? By Vetting!
  8. Go for Diversity! Roster Dating can open up your world to the diversity of dating. Diverse cultures, races, economic statures, and expose you to family and cultural dynamics that you weren't privy to before. Dating can truly be an empowering lifestyle education!
  9. Increase Your Confidence! Roster Dating teaches a feminine woman how to get comfortable with being pursued. And being pursued is a feminine must, as Hypergamous women do not chase men as a standard. 
  10. Never Settle. Roster Dating teaches a woman the feminine power of creating options. Women who settle for low value men often have a poverty mindset of lack, will be addicted to complaining, having frozen feet and are guilty of self-sabotaging with inaction. 
  11. Bonus: Go High Value or Go Home! Hypergamous Roster dating is about understanding the magic of High Value Dating: Top tier restaurants, elevated cuisine, white table cloth fine dining, helicopter rides, Yachting and Horseback Riding to name a few! When a hypergamous women is on top of her feminine roster game the world is truly her Oyster. XO, Chloe
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