So It's Valentine's Day Weekend, you have no Pandemic Plans and you need a feminine pick-me up of last minute ideas that don't involve sulking, feeling AGGY, or CRAGGY, doom scrolling on Instagram, binge eating an entire chocolate cake, giving Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey or Ciara and Russell the Evil Eye, downing an entire bottle of wine by your lonesome or feeling downright sorry for yourself. So without Further Ado:
  1. Love on Your Family. Give out lots of sweet hugs and kisses on this day to your children, your Momma, your Daddy, your man, your extended family or your bestie! Letting our loved ones know that we care a great deal costs Free99.
  2. Feminine Reading. Get into your feminine divine by reading a sexy romance novel. Or take this LOVE day to devour The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene for a deeper dive on how to better seduce. 
  3. Take in a Movie. Watch Love Story themed movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Max or the crowd favorite Netflix. Watch the trending Malcolm and Marie, Bridgerton, or a throwback Feminine Classic like The Josephine Baker Story. 
  4. Appreciate your own beauty. Do a Valentine's Day makeup BEAT and take lots and lots of selfies to celebrate and capture yourself in 2021.
  5. Have a Radical Self-Care Spa Day: Bath Bombs, Facial Steaming, buy a face mask, use a body scrub, give yourself a Pedi Mani, moisturize, put on some lingerie or silk pajamas, listen to Love Songs, Audio Books, Podcasts and Drink Soothing Teas to hydrate. 
  6. Have Lots of Candles on Deck. Light your favorite Candle and Meditate on your Womb Chakra: a very important feminine practice in strengthening feminine intuition and your feminine instincts. 
  7. Practice Forgiveness.  Email or call up friend that you haven't spoken to in eons. If possible make amends, apologize, and offer up the gift of closure. Your feminine divine will thank you for it. 
  8. Flower Power. Buy yourself some roses from Whole Foods or your local Market. Flowers are a reminder that women are indeed the delicate flowers of the world.
  9. Binge Watch with Feminine Eyes. Binge watch "Girlfriends", "Gossip Girl"  or my favorite NYC show of all time "Sex in The City." Such girlie feminine fun.
  10. Feminine Sensuality. Give yourself the sensual gift of an Orgasm with Self-Pleasure. 
  11. Precious Metals and Gems. Buy yourself some Gold or Diamonds. I have my feminine eye on this Mejuri Bangle, This Tiffany Ring and these ShopBop Earrings. I never ever regret feminine spending on me, myself and I.
  12. Express Your Feminine Hopes. Get yourself a Feminine Journal and start writing about all things feminine related to your desires, hopes and dreams for the future. It is a feminine game changer. 
  13. Feminine Bodies are not made overnight. Give yourself the gift of a thorough workout. Hit your treadmill, lift those weights, or dance it out to your favorite Spotify playlist. Self-love is the best love.
  14. Caress your sweet Tooth. Buy some sugar free chocolate. My favorite guilt free chocolate brand is Lily's. Their Stevia sweetened chocolate bars are a God Send! 
  15. Have a Pizza Party. Have a last minute Pizza and Wine Tasting with your Valentine or Galantine. Easy Peasy.
  16. The Power of Touch. Book yourself a last minute massage.
  17. Youtube University. Take a Beginner's Salsa, Tango, Bachata or Kompa Class on Youtube to express your sensuality. 
  18. Get in some culture. Visit an exhibition at your local museum. 
  19. Go Italian. Cook yourself or your Galentine a simple sexy meal of Spaghetti and Meatballs. Always a Hit. Or cook dinner together with your boo. 
  20. Make yourself breakfast in bed. Coffee, Bagel or my feminine favorite croissants. 
  21. Love Expressions. Write each other (or to yourself) a love letter or a Poem. Feminine Confession: I wrote a love poem for my hubby about our last date night before Covid hit and he absolutely loves it! Sentimental vibes are always sexy.
  22. Go Red. Pain't your toes, nails and your lips red. Simples!
  23. Bring your bathing suit. If you are blessed to live in warm weather. Have a beach day.
  24. Take a Hike. Nurturing the feminine divine will often involve the bliss of solitude and fresh air.
  25. Visit an Art Store. Buy a canvas, some paint brushes and some paint and channel your inner feminine creative.
  26. Bonus: Watch Classic Hollywood Glamour Movies. "Some like it Hot" or "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" are some of my Marilyn Monroe feminine favorites. 
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