So what determines a woman who is follow worthy? For The Hypergamous Life, narrowing down our Insta feminine favorites proved to be hella difficult task because there were way too many editorial choices to choose from with too little time! But to narrow it down, I wanted to feature a group of *shero women who have inspired, invigorated and influenced every step and every corner of my feminine life with their creativity, their beauty, their travels, their radiance, and their commitment to wellness due to their boatloads of confidence, class, good taste, immense talent, passion, hunger, inner beauty, radiant glow and their penchant for making a well lived life a worthy one. So without further ado, here are 35 Feminine Energy Black Women to follow on Instagram now and forever!

  1. Love Cass.  To the point gorgeousness and super feminine. 
  2. Melissa’s Wardrobe. The epitome of fashion flyness.
  3. Dominique Baker. This Canadian native is soft, feminine, graceful, kind and is a full on demonstration of what it means to be ladylike. 
  4. Aysha Sow. A stunningly gorgeous Angelic Pisces Beauty. Like is she real?
  5. The Yusufs. The Stylish Sister Duo of Nasteha and Nuni Yusuf are highly underrated. 
  6. Rose from Dadou Chic. Elegant, refined, classy and ultra feminine.  
  7. Erica Fae. Erica is simply beautiful, she has the best unfussy makeup beats and she has such an unproblematic but super sexy paired down fashion style. Loves!
  8. Kiitiana. A gorgeous feminine smile that will light up a room. Wowsa.
  9. Kahlana Barfeld. Former fashion editor of InStyle Mag, a wife, a mother, with a sick shoe game. She's also a fellow New Yorker. 
  10. Scout The City. Sai De Silva is the Brooklynite Latin X Wife, Mother, Influencer and her closet and instagram are enviable. Her You-tuber PR unboxing’s are drool worthy.
  11. Nobu. High level; not eye level. Bomb skin.
  12. The Tennille Life. Tennille’s mature “cute as a button” beauty is the stuff made out of wellness and feminine dreams. 
  13. Dionne Davis. Gorgeous, elevated, artistic, refined, creative. 
  14. Morgan Brown. Wellness routines, green smoothies, and feminine self-care are the reasons why I follow Morgan. 
  15. Nyma Tang. An extraordinarily inside-out beauty with top ten hair game. 
  16. June Ambrose. Legendary Stylist, Fashionista, Mom, Wife, and an all around energizer bunny. 
  17. Shirley B. Eniang. Face and Curves on Fleek. Shirley is an OG lifestyle YouTuber and influencer. 
  18. Vanessa Oblinsky. Beautiful Military Wife and Mom of three. Did I mention gorgeous? 
  19. Monroe Steele. Monroe is that unapologetic well traveled go getter that makes life happen on her terms. And she doesn't ever...and I mean ever apologize for having expensive taste or expensive habits! A woman after my feminine heart. Harlem Stand Up!
  20. Solene O. J. Her Insta is editorially soft and beautiful. 
  21. Asiyami Gold. Wanderlust globe trotter, fashionista, and a captivating beauty.
  22. Model Ebonee Davis. One word: Sheesh.
  23. Mariama Diallo. Founder of fashion brand Simply Ria and just a stunning overall beauty. 
  24. Chrissy Ford. Intelligent, creative, fashionable and is at the top of her influencer marketer game. 
  25. Natasha Ndlovu. Leggy, gorgeous, feminine, unfussy and edited carefully and craftily.
  26. Aurora James. The gorgeous boss and creative founder of the elevated fashion brand Brother Veilles and the philanthropic brains and beauty behind the 15 percent pledge which gives equitable shelf space, exposure, partnership and collaboration to black brands.
Want to share your insta or your feminine inspirations below? Leave a comment!
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