Hypergamous Hive, The topic of loneliness can be a quite sensitive one but a very necessary topic that must be thoroughly addressed on The Hypergamous Life because the Holiday Blahs are realer than real.
Loneliness and social isolation has been and is a growing public health problem that has threatening our mental well-being and our livelihood and has only been intensified with this years Corona Virus Pandemic.
Just type in the phrase "Loneliness Epidemic" in Google and there you will find the eye watering statistics that have helped to increase online bullying, nasty back and forth exchanges for negative attention, and thoughts on suicide. (And if you are feeling suicidal please call 1-800-272-8255 because you are worthy of saving your own life!)
And while family can be a great source of love and support but they can also be a great source of emotional pain and dysfunction! But if you are struggling with how to handle the intense emotional feelings of loneliness that are triggered when the Holidays roll around please know that you are not alone. 
As with all problems there is always a solution and learning how to be strategic about handling feelings of loneliness, isolation can help you weather The Holiday Blahs.
So here are my feminine suggestions on how to deal with loneliness and isolation during The Holiday Season:
  1. Volunteer. As many of you know I experienced 3 miscarriages (2 chemical pregnancies and a loss at 8 weeks) before I had my daughter and I struggled quite heavily with intense "why me" fertility depression that triggered a domino affect on a lot of my unhealed childhood pain. But I cried it out, I journaled, I vigorously worked out, I deepened my relationship with my therapist, my higher power and I gave back by volunteering at a soup kitchen. There is something quite humbly about giving back to those who are less fortunate than yourself and it will remind you that you aren't alone.
  2. Therapy on Deck. Have a few scheduled therapy appointments on deck during the Holidays. With Covid-19 we are certainly in an unprecedented mental health crisis so prepare yourself by matching yourself with a mental health professional.
  3. Join an Online Group. Join a Facebook group for your particular dilemma because loneliness has many faces. Some people are lonely from depression, divorce, the death of loved ones, infertility, empty nest syndrome, being perpetually single, and being an isolated senior to name a few. Whatever the dilemma find a befitting TRIBE for yourself so that you aren't in an echo chamber of isolation.
  4. Have a small "Impromptu" Dinner party.  As human beings we are meant to engage with others so reach out to friends, colleagues, or hold your own small holiday dinner party, make your friends wear a mask and have your sanitizer on deck or have a party the Zoom Meeting Way.
  5. Practice radical self care. If you're gonna be alone on Christmas Day make a radical self care plan. Cook yourself dinner, have lots of books to read (Have you joined The Feminine Book Club?) order in, drink herbal tea, take an epsom salt bath, have your favorite movies on deck, have your favorite snacks stocked, play some music, sleep in a silky nightgown, and make a full out day where you can pamper yourself. 
  6. Youtube It. Watch Youtube videos on how to handle loneliness during the Holidays. Content creators can be an amazing blessing!
  7. Volunteer Ideas: A food bank, working in a soup kitchen, holding newborn babies at a hospital or volunteering in an animal shelter. The most amazing feeling in the world is being snuggled by a puppy or a dog that is in need of love.
  8. Get a Fido! Want someone to care for? Try getting a dog! God knew what he was doing when he created man's best friend. A loyal dog wants nothing to do but to protect you and love you to the fullest. Just know that having a dog is a huge responsibility as they have to be trained walked, cleaned up after, and never neglected. The most affectionate breeds are: The Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, The Pug, Bichon Frise, Bulldogs, and Pit Bill Terriers.
  9. Join Meetup. Join a Meetup Group using Facetime or Zoom to enjoy the company of like minded people with like minded interests.
  10. Disconnect from Social Media. Sometimes being on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube can lead to unhealthy burnout that can only worsens feelings of isolation. Try unplugging by listening to music, reading a book, practicing meditation, practicing womb work, cooking a new recipe or going for a long walk. 
  11. Start a Feminine Hobby. Use your creative talent or start a new hobby. You can paint, draw, write, sing, dance, get into decor, become a photographer, grow a garden or even become a plant mom.
  12. Unload your plate and or your workload. This is a huge one for women, as the words "hustling" and "grinding" have been overly ROMANTICIZED and have become synomous with breathing and existing. But over extending oneself can and will put you in your masculine and lead to depression burn out if one isn't mindful or careful. Ladies, the art of making money and enjoying your money are two different lanes! Feminine women take vacations, they take intentional breaks and they make the leisure time to do nothing a non-negotiable priority without apology.
  13. A bad day is only 24hrs. If you're having a bad day recognize that a bad day is only 24 hours and that a bad day does not equal a bad life!  Sad times do not last forever and tomorrow is the promise of Hope. And we all need hope. Recognize that Christmas is only ONE day. It is a day that will come and go and you will survive it! And when the 26th of December comes you can begin to look forward to creating your ideal 2021. XO, Chloe.

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