2020 will forever be remembered as one of the most challenging years on record but the feminine time has finally arrived to where we can begin to put yesterday's memories into our rear view mirror! So here is an Hypergamous Life Year End Review for those of you who need the gift of a guideline, a tune up and a feminine refresher for 2021. Stick to these Hypergamous guidelines forever and always remember to keep your Hypergamous Foot on the Gas Peddle for Consistent and Continued Hypergamous Success with yourself and High Value Men! And of course....Happy 2021!:
  1. "Thou Shall Not Practice Hypogamy." Thou shall not practice Hypogamy because dating and marrying men whom you financially out earn will forever set the precedent and the standard for low value dating, marriage, role reversal and being the breadwinners for men.
  2. "Thou Shall not be fearful of Money." Ladies! If we want to be provided for women we cannot be afraid of the energy of money! And yes money is an energy, a frequency and a vibration. One of the reasons why many women tend to attract cheap, withholding, and stingy men is because they are cheap, stingy and withholding with themselves and their own feminine self-care. Being afraid of money means that at your core, you are fearful of abundance, expensive gifts, lavish living and being viewed as the prize and a Hypergamous Woman is never afraid of that! Ladies always remember: when a woman is a cheapskate with herself then so will a man!
  3. "Thou Shall Not Be Afraid to Walk." Ladies! The ability to walk away from the relationship table when it isn't serving you is the ultimate standard sign of feminine confidence and will always establish the terms of respect and how a man will treat you. When men disrespect us, cheat on us, low-ball us, gas light us, confuse us, don't want to marry us and when men demonstrate low integrity that is your red-flag cue to put on your heels or your hiking boots so that he isn't wasting your most valuable commodity: your time. When we allow men to drag us and to tell us what we want to hear we are basically making them the prize and are giving them an open invitation to devalue us. 
  4. "Thou Shall always know thy feminine archetype." Ladies. All women are not cut from the same feminine cloth. So before we date we must know our personality quirks, our mindset inclinations, and the unique dominate energies that live inside of us so that we can understand the kind of man that will work for our personality type. So what are you? A Boss, A Creative, The Princess, The Mystic, The Analytic, The Goddess or an Alpha Woman? Knowing your feminine archetype will help you to stop searching in the dark for your relationship match. A helpful guide in figuring out your specific archetype is by purchasing my #1 Amazon Best Seller: "Womanly."
  5. "Thou Shall Not Practice The Spirit of Confusion." Ladies, The spirit of confusion is when a woman practices intentional indecisiveness or is afraid of making a choice or decision, because she is fearful of the outcome. We resolve the spirit of confusion by learning how to trust our instincts and our feminine intuition which can be done by practicing your womb work and by dropping down into your body and getting out of your head. The more a woman can trust her own feminine intuition the better her decision making! 
  6. "Thou Shall Always Study Thy Feminine Icons." Ladies, elevated feminine women are everywhere and we should all have our personal favorites that we study, admire, emulate (Not Outright Copy!) and/ or legendary feminine women that we can learn from. My personal feminine favorites are My Grandmother, Beyonce, Diana Ross, and Kerry Washington. Who are yours?
  7. "Thou Shall Not Covet Another Woman's Life or her Blessings." The Green Eyed Monster is real, but a feminine woman should always keep her envy and her jealousy in check as these very violative emotions can and will drive a woman's insecurities to embrace unflattering low value behavior that will have her losing in the game of life. Focus on becoming your own competition and remind yourself that what is meant for you, is meant for you and that no one else can take it. And as the famous saying goes, the same hole that you dig for others will be the same hole that you will fall in yourself! 
  8. "Thou shall make thy anger expensive." Ladies, a feminine woman keeps it classy, elegant, graceful, sophisticated, cultured, and high value by keeping her emotions in check and we keep our anger expensive by not reacting to every numbskull, nitwit, dusty, dust bunny, masculina, frenemy, low value man, naysayer or negative family member who is an echo chamber of ignorance or distraction or who seeks to frustrate you! Instead you Hypergamously pay them dust. So when getting upset ask yourself these questions: Are they paying me to be this angry and upset? Is my reaction getting my bills paid or theirs? And as an added bonus tip: always mind The Hypergamous Business that Pays You.
  9. "Thou Shall Broaden Thy Feminine Horizons." Ladies! Feminine Energy is about more than a look and it definitely is not a SCAM. Hypergamy is a "head to toe and inside out" experience of confidence, self-assuredness, etiquette, cultural exposure, ladylikeness, being a conversationalist, and being a feminine student of life. As a feminine woman you should always expose yourself to as many ladylike interests, experiences, books (Have you joined The Feminine Book Club?) and travel as possible; especially if your goal is to marry a high value provider. Gone are the days where men are only seeking bubble gum princesses and play toys as wives. Feminine women are expected to be well rounded and full of cultural capital.
  10. "Thou shall move in stealth." This Hypergamous principle means to keep your dainty mouth closed and to always move in your feminine journey in the sweetness of silence. A Hypergamous woman is not a talker; she's a doer. So allow your feminine actions and your results to speak for themselves, instead of making announcements or the seeking validation of the approval police! Because those people who will only seek to block your progress or to get in your way!
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