Happy Feminine New Year Hypergamous Hive! 

We now have 365 fresh new opportunities to shine in our womanhood and there is no better time than now to hit the refresh, recalibrate, and the reset button! In 2020, I already discussed the 10 Hypergamous Commandments to live by, but before Hypergamy there is the necessary foundation of mastering The Feminine Principle and the Ten Feminine Commandments are just that: 10 stronghold and lifelong womanly principles that a feminine woman can use to throw away her dominant masculinity for good!  Living a life of love, romance, abundance, happiness, joy and completeness in your womanhood is your for the taking if you want it! So without further ado...
  1. "Thou Shall Be The Prize." The feminine foundation of being the cherished "prize" is self-love, and no feminine woman is complete without it! A feminine woman must love, cherish, affirm and value herself from head to toe by putting herself on her own pedestal. Being the prize is also a fundamental reminder that the sperm (The man) will forever chase the egg and not the other way around! Any woman who chases a man or who pays for a man's company will never be "The Prize."
  2. "Thou Shall be a Lady." Being a ladylike in our energy is what makes us stand out and apart as women when compared to the Masculine Principle. Ladylike energy is the part of your femininity that resonates from within: softness, kindness, pleasantness, grace, mystery, refinement and having a firm grip on your feminine mannerisms. Too be a lady because unladylike women are a turnoff to masculine men.
  3. "Thou Shall Be Mysterious." A feminine woman must always cherish the virtue of mystery and leaving something to the imagination because without mystery there is not seduction.
  4. "Thou Shall respect thy Womanhood." Womanhood is the non-negotiable honoring of The Feminine Principle and is where a woman should always see herself as sacred, precious and invaluable. When a women disrespects or dishonors her feminine divine (and many women will!) she devalues herself by taking a dump on her womanhood. In womanhood feminine self-care is alway a priority; not an afterthought.
  5. "Thou Shall Dress The Feminine Part." In order for a woman to distinguish herself from a man she must dress the feminine part: A dress, a pencil skirt, a mini-skirt, a blouse, fine jewelry, makeup, and the finishing touch of having a beautiful pout. The key word here ladies is: Grooming! And as a Bonus Tip: Always know your perfect shade of RED.
  6. "Thou Shall Not be a Sapphire." A sapphire is the complete opposite of a ladylike woman. The Sapphire woman is an excessive miserable complainer mixed with a world class nasty attitude. Her mannerisms are un-seductive, unbecoming, uncouth, unrefined, disrespectful, distasteful and she will often suffer miserably with the consequences of her behavior. Other pseudonyms for Sapphire Energy: Masculina's, Misandrists, Bitter Belinda, Bitty Betty’s, Ratchet Regina’s or "Karen."
  7. "Thou Shall Not be a Plain Jane." Plain Janes are woman who want brownie points for neglecting themselves and for being as plain as a bowl of oatmeal or as flavorless as a sleeve of unsalted crackers. Plain Janes are also known as Loud and proud Basica's but feminine woman are far from basic.
  8. "Thou Shall Not Practice Misandry." Misandry, simply put is one size fits all man hate, but a feminine woman would never! Feminine women love, cherish, admire and respect men of all races who are kind, loving, attentive and hard working providers and protectors. We also find them sexy too!
  9. "Thou Shall Cherish Thy Virtue." Ladies, though shall not give away thy WAP or thy slice of Heaven away for Free99. When we give away our bodies to unworthy men we will often set up ourselves for lifetime of hurt feelings and disappointment.
  10. "Thou Shall always expect a man to be a gentleman." A gentleman is a man who demonstrates courtesy, chivalry and integrity; especially in romance. And a feminine woman will not accept anything less!
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  1. Chloe, why are you disrespecting oatmeal like that? Haha, PLAIN oatmeal is basic. Not jazzed up oats, haha.