To my Hypergamous readers who struggle with self-doubt, self-consistency and dropping those stubborn pounds that are holding you back for good, this is thee read  (*See Disclaimer) that will empower you and that will supercharge your feminine journey for the "reclaiming my time" year of 2021! And if you have learned any lessons in the year 2020, the number one lesson to absorb is that tomorrow is never promised and that tomorrow can never be given back! So if your eyeballs have survived to read this, use this article as a part of your empowerment arsenal in your 2021 season of winning! So here are 13 Strategic Feminine Ways to lose your struggle stubborn weight for good:

  1. Summer Bodies are made in the winter! In December, now is the time more than ever to revamp your diet as sexy arms, abs and glutes are made in your kitchen. So cut out processed foods, added sugars, OD'ing on alcohol, and take a chill pill on your Corona Munchies because no matter what you do in the gym you cannot out train a bad diet! Eat lots of salads, dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and broccoli and stay away from white flour, white sugar, and sugary sweets.
  2. Get your Thyroid tested.  Consider getting your Thyroid tested and more specifically get your T3 thyroid function tested because your thyroid may be sluggish (particularly if you are over 35!), or not functioning at all. Women who struggle with a sluggish thyroid will usually have major struggles in maintaining their weight loss and that is because their thyroid is completely compromised. If you've been doing everything right to lose weight with very little progress, your thyroid may be the culprit.
  3. See a Holistic Doctor. If you can afford one, have your hormones tested by a holistic doctor or by your colonic therapist if they offer the service. General Health practitioners are commonly known for dropping the ball on their  patients entire hormonal profile and identifying their specific deficienties!
  4. Your low Thyroid function and your metabolism  may be genetic. Weight loss or gain can be viewed as a hereditary condition so please do not compare yourselves to women who can eat anything they want and not gain a pound. That is their good fortune (and that doesn't mean that they are in good health!) but you will not win by playing the comparison game. You just won't. 
  5. Consider weight loss surgery. Consider getting gastric sleeve surgery if you have over a 100lbs or more to lose. There is absolutely no shame in getting help for your obesity and it also isn't anyone's business! Bariatric surgery or gastric sleeve surgery can give a woman her LIFE BACK, and there are plenty of Facebook Communities and Youtube Videos that are specifically designated to support women who are on that journey. The Singer Adele has definitely taken that private route along with a full on tummy tuck and full body skin tightening and she looks fabulous!
  6. Check your stress levels. Do you have lots of anxiety, stress, overthinking, or do you struggle with depression? Seek mental health support, journal with a pen and notebook to get out your feelings,  try meditation and or/ womb clearing for your femininity, start working out, and begin to identify the spaces, the people and the content that does nothing for your feminine life but drain your life force. The websites betterhelp.com and therapyforblackgirls.com are two great resources for building a great emotional support system on a professional level.
  7. Drink Lots of Water. Drink half your body weigh in ounces everyday. So for example, if you weight 300 pounds, drink 150 Ounces of water a day to flush out accumulated body toxins and to make your liver happy.
  8. Get your 8 hours of sleep. Weight loss happens while you’re sleep so when you are feeling anxious, try taking 3-5mg of melatonin which can be found at Whole Foods.
  9. This may sound very cliche, but focus on your dreams. A lot of women are walking around very broken and disconnected because they have no dreams for themselves, so what is your DREAM? Have a book specifically made for your dreams (every feminine woman should have one!) so that you can have an optimistic outlook on your life instead of an outlook filled with cat fighting, doom, gloom and dread! People who have a defeatist mindset are people who have given up on their dreams or are people who have never had any dreams.
  10. Get a Colonic! Struggling with adult acne, feeling sluggish in your bowel moments (you should be pooping at least 1-2 times a day!), feeling bloated and inflamed? Get a series of three colonics a year to reset your colon as your colon is probably backed up from years and years and years of poor nutrition and bad eating.
  11. Practice Self-Forgiveness. On the emotional side, it is always good to practice self-forgiveness; especially as a feminine woman. As a feminine woman it is very important that you learn how to be self-accepting, kind, gentle and loving towards yourself; particularly as black women because we have been conditioned to be very critical and emotionally violent towards ourselves, and we will often pass on this masculine and very judgmental harshness quite unfairly to others! So having self-forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for what you didn't know is absolutely vital on a feminine path of healing and losing weight.
  12. Break a sweat. Come up with a workout plan! Working out can help with weight loss but oddly enough working out is more beneficial for your self-esteem and your mental health! So hit the gym when outside opens back up, put on your tennis shoes for walking or a self-competitive jog, or do some dance videos to get your feminine body to feel its sexiest!
  13. And lastly, change will happen! If you have a history of neglecting yourself, your body and your diet, a change will not happen overnight but it will happen so dig deep within for the virtue of patience! Some women have neglected their health since they were little girls and some for 10, 15, and sometimes even 30 years! But amazingly the body can snap back into shape in less than three years with self-love and dedication because our bodies want us to be here for a long time!
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*Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor. Just sharing my feminine suggestions and ideas on how to get your feminine life and your feminine house in order for the year 2021! So Happy New Year Loves! And always know that the best is yet to come!

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