As I write this I will be on my way to the voting booth with my amazing hubby (And yes I am unabashedly voting for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket!) but here are my feminine womanhood favorites that I plan on indulging in for the month of November because nurturing our femininity and making ourselves numero uno is how we make our womanhood dreams come true no matter who becomes the leader of the free world. Hugs and Kisses, Chloe.

This gorgeous Solid Perfume by Fiore smells like Jasmine made in Heaven

Feminine Mantras are my Jam. 

Beyonce and Photographer Kennedi Carter made History.

The Best Fall Nail Colors according to Essence

This lace bra and panty set are perfect for an everyday relaxed casual fit

The Best Moisturizers for Winter Skin.

I've been wearing these leggings everywhere. Bought these too.

Issa Rae gets into the hair care game.

The perfect wool blend coat.

This Sezane Bag is so French and so 70's.

This gathered clutch is such a date night  New York Vibe.

A $20 Electric toothbrush for the bargain hound in you.

Cauliflower Gnocchi by Trader Joes is the Bomb Dot Com.

Grace Harry is a Joy Strategist and that is exactly what the feminine woman needs: JOY.

Dame Shirley Bassey is proof that it is never too late to shine in your feminine. 

Speaking of keeping it feminine, I bought a very cute and bougie sleep mask

My newest lash obsession

Ashanti's sister, Shia Douglas launched a wellness brand named Wife of Creation.

Tired of being a Masculine woman and a Basic Plain Jane? Want to stand out and apart from the masculine herd? Want to trade in your frumpiness for womanhood? The Join The New Feminine Finishing School. The New Feminine is an exclusive online Finishing School that offers unlimited feminine strategy, and mindset advice on dating, etiquette, seduction, and learning how to keep high value men interested by using proven strategies that work. At the New Feminine our number one goal is helping women to learn how to succeed at being provided for and becoming a femininely confident Hypergamous woman!  XO, Chloe.

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