The Holiday are here and although 2020 continues to be a dumpster fire of loss and unpredictability the lesson that life should be lived to the fullest should be your lifelong Feminine Mantra and you Mood 4 Eva. So get your cocktails, your champagne, your scrappy heels and your mascara ready! Here are 15 Holiday Dresses under $100 to live your best Feminine Life:

This Rhinestone Strap Black Mini Dress is Serving. The Skirt is ca-yute too.

You can't go wrong with Holiday Sequins or this Gorgeous as hell Fringe.

This Belted Sparkly Jumpsuit is sold out. But Gorgeous nevertheless.

Red Peplum. That is all.

This Glittery Plunge Front Wrap Maxi Dress for my Body Positive Feminine Queens is simply lovely.

The Red Satin Jacket Dress is sexy and classy. So is this one.

I would wear this with a champagne colored scrappy heel.

A no-nonsense Holiday look that you don't have to think about.

There's something about a back out dress that just screams sex appeal on ten.

Gold Lame is always a Holiday Mood 4 Eva.

A Red Cowl Back Sating Dress that's the perfect Holiday Silohuette

A sexy LBD leather dress can always be gussied up.

This dresses is serving Princess in waiting drama.

A Simply sexy and unfussy Black Slip Dress.

So artsy, modern and the shoulders are everything.

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