Happy October Feminine Ladies! As a bonafide New Yorker and a certified Virgo Princess Autumn is my favorite time of year because it represents hitting the reset button and making the best of what the remainder of 2020 has left to offer. So here are my feminine favorites for the month of October. Enjoy XO, Chloe.

A first look and a sneak peek at Rihanna's latest Fenty Savage Drop. 

I just adore Kelly Stamps. She makes my day and that is all. 

A slip dress is a must for keeping it feminine. Here's the latest one that's in my closet from Zara.

This is a cute yellow turtleneck

For everyday simplicity, I've been rocking with this Vegan Lip Balm by Honest Beauty. 

Affluence: A Beach front Haven for Black Families. This was a great read. 

A game changing feminine book that you need to read NOW. 

This Spaghetti Pie looks fancy but doable. 

Byredo now has a Vegan Makeup Line.

I really love the feminine cut of this blouse

Small-town getaways for the weekend

A best of Soy Candles List. 

For those casual days: The Best Sneakers that will never go out of style. 

If you want to improve all areas of your life subscribe to Alux.com. And here is a great Podcast on The Rules of Success. You're welcome. 

The Best Law of Attraction books. Because in these Chaotic times manifest energy is the best energy to be on right now. 

And The Best Instagram Comments:

The Siren School On Jazmine Sullivan: "When will people get on with their own lives and let women breathe ?? Ladies lose weight if you want and  live your best life on your own terms!!’ Not matter what you do people will always criticize..."

Adent 86 on Paris Hilton: "Watched it and it was eye opening as I never ever been interested in Paris Hilton in any capacity. As women we need to learn when to let go of control of things and people and let life take its course. Im learning that for myself as I'm looking to settle down. I hope Paris can seek help and move past her trauma from her teenage years so she can finally let go and be able to fully love.

Shara _Gee on Yaya MayWeather: "I remember being 19 and my brain melting out of my ears because I was so attached to my boyfriend. Although people try to tell you, its hard to listen when you're in that mental state. All we can do is uplift our lil sis in prayer and continue to use these cautionary tales to mentor other young girls and women."

Jijitheone on Naomi Campbell: "What's going on with men nowadays? Seven years later? Has she started dating his best friend and his jealous? In French, we say : donner c'est donner, reprendre c'est voler. (Once you give, it's no longer yours. If you take your gift back, it's theft)."

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