When we are first starting out in the world as women (particularly as black women) I am always so amazed at the amount of young women who have not received not one ounce or one iota of feminine guidance from their families other than to not get pregnant and to get a good job! And this very limited advice and feminine neglect are often the reasons why so many young women and girls are so completely lost in how to navigate the world through a softer feminine lens.

Now for the young women who are reading this please understand that although you have a lot of living to do, and many mistakes to make, that you will not be young forever! One day soon you will be either be a career woman, someone's loving mom and then perhaps someone's loving grandmother, and if you're lucky one day you will get to be a mature woman who will one day have the opportunity to dole out feminine wisdom and advice by paying it forward! 

But the best thing about being a young woman right now is that you have a lot of flexibility and room to grow in terms of experimentation and learning how to stretch your wings! However, when you are under 25 there will be the wolves in sheep's clothing and there will be many people who will try to sabotage you, compete with you, tear your down and who will try to dump water on your potential,  due to the competitive nature of jealousy and envy!

So here is the best feminine advice that you will EVER read on the Internet for women Under 25! 
  1. If you're in college, focus on your studies. Getting a college degree is a worthwhile pursuit as it can bring you closer to higher level alumni connections and it can also be a great source of networking in terms of meeting your future husband while in college. And if possible join college groups where you can explore your passions and develop life long friendships.
  2. Never be afraid to be a social climber. Never be afraid of being around successful people, successful mindsets and being around people who want better for themselves! An added bonus is that High value husbands and providers are usually found in these circles!
  3. Speaking of boys. Only network, mingle, connect or develop friendships with men who display high value character traits: drive, ambition, focus, integrity, being respectful, being a gentleman, loyalty, young men who know how to court, and otherwise young men who are driven to become loving family men. And while no man is perfect he should at least possesses most of these high value character traits.
  4. Protect yourself. Take a self-defense class. Study some self-defense technics on Youtube, carry mase, a taser or get a key charm alarm as men are often inclined to prey on young unsuspecting women. And never drink alcohol without seeing it poured for yourself as frat boys are well known for spiking a woman's drinks to lower her defenses.
  5. Always understand that men desire feminine women. And it will always be that way. The younger you can get this life long lesson the better.  
  6. If you are career oriented, but want a husband and family...only date men who are above your pay grade as these are the marriageable men who can fully provide for you when you are with child and or when you are ready to start a family!
  7. Do not waste your time with low value dusty men. Do not waste your time with boys who beg you for money to buy weed or to support their drug and alcohol habits. And do not give money, provision or food to boys who make you feel responsible for their sob story! Just because you are a girl does not mean that you have to be a people pleaser. Boys who act entitled or who are looking for sympathy often get these low value character traits from their families as they have been taught that it is a woman's job to help them when they are down and out. Avoid these men at all costs, because they are an introductory lesson to struggle love!
  8. If you get your heart broken you will live. Heartbreak is a part of life, so if your first love cheated, lied, or disappointed you, cry it out, move on, and never chase a man! And please know that men are like buses and trains: there's always another one coming and you will love again.
  9. Learn how to dress for different occasions. Sweat pants and leggings are not meant to be worn everywhere and as a young feminine woman you should know how to appropriately dress for different occasions: career/ workplace, date night, club attire, wedding attire, and should know how to dine at an elevated restaurant.  For ideas on how to develop your fashion, start a Pinterest account and watch a ton of etiquette videos to keep your mannerisms polished.
  10. Have a self-care routine! Drink water, take a one a day vitamin, eat salads, and learn how to burn calories by working out, running, walking, riding a bike, or taking dance classes.
  11. Watch the company you keep. Our sister friends can make our lives happy but they can also hate on us the strongest,  especially if we are women who receive a lot of male attention.  So do not hang out with catty, competitive women who you do not feel emotionally safe with and do not share your goals with your frenemies because they will stop at nothing with trying to sabotage you! But a real friend (and they are truly rare!) will always be emotionally consistent and supportive.  And remember that it takes a good friend to have one!
  12. Dress the part. Now is your time to have fun and to experiment with fashion trends: Forever 21, H&M, ASOS, SHEIN, are all great places to start
  13. If you plan on being a mother, understand the 15 year window. (Made a video on that!)
  14. Read the Unicorn Delusion by G.L Lambert. A perfect read for young women who need straight no chaser game. 
  15. Safe sex is a must. STD's like Herpes, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea are pretty much common and people will often lie or be in denial about their sexual health so do not put your life in someone else's hands! If you are having sex; practice safe sex by carrying your own condoms.
  16. Do not date older men unless they are providing. Older men do not deserve access to  your youth just because they are older and wiser. Men who are 10 years or older than you should be courting, spending and flattering you, so please do not be impressed just because an older guy is calling you "pretty." Older men should be earning enough money to enjoy the perks of being with a younger woman!
  17. If your family is unsupportive or dysfunctional. Work a job, get a bank account and save your money! More importantly do not let anyone in your family know that you are stacking and if you are not in a safe family environment, find a roommate!
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