A PSA for my Hypergamous ladies in the making. *Clears Throat*

Marrying into wealth, affluence, and money is not a fairytale, a lottery ticket and it certainly does not just "happen" to a woman by a stroke of luck or by having good fortune. So women who believe that marrying into money is an easy peasy game of fluttery eyelashes and lipstick are women who have their heads in the clouds! They are disconnected from reality and are women who watch way too many silly dilly Hollywood made rom coms!

Marry into money takes an elevated mindset, strategic planning and know how, manifest energy, determination, ambitiousness and more importantly laser sharp focus that will involve removing the distractions of pettiness, cattiness, and shallowness to succeed in the realm of affluence and wealth!

So here is the "High Level Not Eye Level" strategic mindset that you will need for marrying rich, wealthy and affluent: 

  1. Understand what rich men want. They want class, sophistication, softness, femininity and women who desire the commodity of leisure and time to bring happiness, joy, nurturing and excitement to their lives. They are not looking for competitors, rivals, alpha women or women who behave ratchet no matter what you may see on reality TV. They want sexy smart conversationalists who are rich on cultural capital! (Namely intelligent women who travel!)
  2. Know the difference between marrying wealthy and having an arrangement with a sugar daddy as sugar daddy arrangements hardly ever lead to marriage. A Sugar Daddy is man who sees a woman as a short term investment for fun; not for longevity! Sugar daddy arrangements are for short term excitement only, and are for men who basically have the transactional means to pay for your time, your youth and your vitality! So never confuse the two!
  3. Know "Your" rich. I am always amazed at the amount of women who do not have a basic understanding of the socio-economics of CLASS, but who are always talking about "the bag." Ladies do not fall into the ego trap of "poser" "wannabe" or "fronting" energy! Know "your rich", define it, then execute. Rich to some women may mean a net worth of 3 million and to some women rich may mean a net worth of 50 million. 
  4. Have a plan. Feminine woman who are ambitious and driven are women who have a womanhood plan to attract affluence! Having a plan will require preparation; not desperation! Most women are not concerned about having money until they are financially struggling with kids and are desperate for a life raft and a meal ticket! But that is not how the money and affluence game is played. Ladies! A woman who seeks to marry well has to have a plan!
  5. Be Sophisticated. Carry yourself like a sophisticated cultured lady and study social etiquette and mannerisms. There are tons of Youtube videos on this subject. 
  6. Have a fine dining palate. The rich eat Sushi, Caviar, Foie Gras, they eat organic and they eat clean: namely juices and tonics and fasting! And they do not pile food up high onto their plates like they are at The Golden Corral! So as an added bonus: stay away from buffets all together because buffets are for the poor and they are a CALORIC nightmare on your waistline and your feminine figure!
  7. Once a plan is in place: Network! Marrying into wealth requires the focus of strategic placement. Move closer to that affluent neighborhood or get your foot in the door by living in a shoe box with a great zip code! Or get a job or a gig in that neighborhood. Or network in circles that are monied. Do not hustle backwards by dating low brow or by sleeping with your familiar dusty who is soooooo good in bed as it will send the universe mixed messages. Go to boating, golf, and yacht clubs! Try on clothing in wealthy boutiques! Put yourself where you desire to see your future!
  8. Get away from the herd. Do not expect to meet affluent men on generic dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder, Coffee meets Bagel or Black people Meet. Rich men do not look for love in generic circles because they have too much to lose! Try The League or Luxy dating apps for starters!
  9. The Rich are Benefactors. Attend fundraisers for charitable causes and as an extra tip: the less familiar the cause the more likely that the benefactors in the room will be rich.
  10. Do not try too hard! Look the feminine part but do not dress up like a show pony or a poodle. And do not dress like your are an extra from the original Dynasty. Women who try too hard are posers who lack subtlety and they stick out like a tacky sore thumb!
  11. Understand the money game. Understand the basics of the stock market, bonds, real estate, ranching and the tech markets by educating yourself with the language of money. 
  12. Cut out meaningless distractions. This will be a difficult one as most women are highly addicted to low value DRAMA and low value information. But stop overindulging in shallow gossip (Some women will soak their brains in stupid social media gossip for 10-15 hours a day!), Stop arguing with broke men on social media (they are a huge distraction) and stop complaining about dusty men ALL DAY. Remember ladies: Complaining and bellyaching is a form of MANIFESTING and what you focus on will grow! If you focus on what dusty men are doing all the time that is exactly who you will end up dating!
  13. The Rich don't drink sugar. Know your wines, your champagnes and the regions in which they come from and stay away from sugary cocktails and Moscato wine as Moscato is the ultimate cliche!
  14. Never expect the affluent to give up their secrets. Monied circles are quiet, they move quietly and they are not in the business of giving away their strategy to "The Poor." The rich stay in power by keeping their strategies to themselves but a feminine woman can attract a monied suitor by being classy, feminine, refined, being great at small talk, and by bringing the power of excitement to a rich but bored man's life. Read the 48 Laws of Power to better understand the mechanics of power and EGO.
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