*THL Disclaimer: 
Please keep in mind that The Hypergamous Life is a feminine brand for women who seek  Hypergamy. This brand is not about being a career woman who wants to juggle it all and this brand is not about teaching women how to be the next Madam CJ Walker, Hilary Clinton or Ruth Ginsberg, may she Rest in Peace. So if you are a woman who is more interested in finding a marriage based on "equality" here is your easy peasy solution: seek a power marriage, find a 50/50 man to build with, or find a man who will be comfortable with being stay at home dad and cheerleader husband while you are the respected breadwinner and provider. Problem solved. 

But for women who want full out provision, you have got to have the right mindset and the right strategy when considering forms of employment or making a full out career switch so that you can lighten your load or so that you can get out of the rat race for good.

Now let's first start with the very deceptive term "feminine career." 

Does such a thing exist? Well technically yes and or no. 

The nature of work is work and even "feminine" work weather selling makeup, eyelashes,  fashion, or having a side business, it will involve a high degree of hustle and masculinity to earn a profitable living because running a business no matter the product,  is time consuming WORK, especially if you need that work to pay for your living expenses. 

Beyonce is one of the most feminine output producers of our time but she is also a woman who puts in a tremendous (behind the scenes) amount of time, sacrifice, WORK and grit and there is nothing "feminine" about her path except that it is quite clear that being one of the greatest Diva entertainers of our time is her higher calling and her truest passion. But her feminine output is still work.

The passion, the purpose and the calling are often the energies that make a woman feel deeply fulfilled and that in an of itself can be rewarding. 

However, the goal of a Hypergamous Woman in a romantic relationship is to attract a Masculine Provider, protector and leader that she can respect so that she can fully rest in her womanhood and her feminine without burning her candle at both ends of the stick by wearing both the masculine and feminine hats.  

And there-in lies the dilemma of having to make a decision! Do you want to lead in your masculine or do you want to lead in your feminine? Which is why the offering of this free 99 game begins with a *disclaimer. 

Now you don't have to totally quit your job or switch careers to accomplish your goal of having the time to be more available to yourself or to be more available for dating. There are the options of reducing your work hours, working part-time, working from home, or even lightning or delegating your work load to others.  Whatever your decision, an empowered women will always find a way to make her life work for HER.

But the point of lightening up your workload is to ultimately create a transitional path for women who desire to be kept wives, traditional stay at home wives and mothers, bored housewives or wives who spend their husbands money on Philanthropy. That is what I call Hypergamous Fun. So here are my Hypergamous Suggestions for Feminine transitional career paths: 
  1. A professional nanny or a baby sitter. Never underestimate the power of demonstrating nurturing with children because it is a quality that high value men love because it translates into a woman's ability at being a high-value, nurturing and protective mother. 
  2. Restaurant hostess at a High end restaurant. This is a great way of meeting high value men who eat steak, caviar, foie gras and who drink high end whiskey and who have the bank accounts that actually match their champagne tastes.
  3. Model. If your are undeniably attractive try becoming a professional dancer, a runway model or swimwear model. There is a reason why cheerleaders and models are always marrying or dating rich athletes. Hello! Winnie Harlow anyone? 
  4. Cultural writer. A feminine woman who understands the principles of upper class living can write about travel, food, wine, art, sushi, truffles, and can meet many elevated and cultured men along the way.
  5. Become a wine sommelier. Women who know wine are very impressive conversationalists with elevated men. And they also can smell MONEY.
  6. Work in Philanthropic Circles. Philanthropy are where the rich flex their humanitarianism, their penchant for charity and their benevolence and this line of work will put you directly in the cross hairs of high value men. 
  7. A no pressure receptionist or an office assistant. Answering phones with a pleasant feminine voice at a high end law firm, medical practice, tech company or corporate palace is a great way of meeting those high earning men who like taking beautiful feminine woman out to lunch and *fingers crossed*dinner.
  8. Become a personal chef. You will need a culinary back ground but with high end clients the networking possibilities are skies the limit. 
  9. Become an actress. No surprises here, beautiful women can have success with rich men when they look good on camera. 
  10. Become a nurse, a teacher, paralegal or a realtor. But this is a tricky one because the nurse/teacher career path is deceptive in that most people assume that the work load of these jobs are lightweight in terms of time consuming responsibilities. But nurses, paralegals and educators work really hard! However, the perks of this career path is that you are in closer proximity to higher level upper middle class providers like School Principals, Surgeons and Partnered Attorneys that you can date, marry and ultimately bow out gracefully out of the rat race! And how do I know? Because this is the strategy worked for me.
  11. And Bonus time! If you've already found a provider and you've already got the husband and kids but you want your own money, you of course have a bit more flexibility, in terms of options, that aren't taxing or draining on your feminine, your availability, or your dedication to your children, husband and family. These jobs can include: volunteering, becoming a virtual assistant, jewelry design, creative pursuits like writing, interior design, art, blogging, or anything other forms of expression. Or you can stack your husband's money by creating your own rainy day fund which is a Hypergamous Art in an of itself. 
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  1. TY for this article! It def helped give me insight on what I desire to transition to next because I’m exhausted in my current career (Surgical Nurse). I need a change of scenery & less hours of manual labor

  2. I am so torn. I have a strong desire to be ambitious and entrepreneurial; teetering on the possibility of going the route of finding a cheerleader husband. I always joke that I wish I had a housewife. But I am sooo exhausted making moves in the masculine and I do envy those women who are free to dabble in whatever they fancy while someone is providing for them. (I think I was a man in past lives or something AND I have childhood trauma). If I do decide to go cheerleader partner do those exist as faithful, loyal, high value men??? Would I be looking for a mythical creature...

    If that’s an oxymoron, I will welcome the resting opportunity to live in my feminine for the rest of my days with some good ole hypergamous fun.

    I am 40 yo by the way with two children - one is 20 and the other is 4. Not really looking for someone to be a stay at home dad for my children or have more kiddos with.

    1. To me it sounds like you want to be in control of the relationship if you want a cheerleader husband. It is great to have your own business, but if you want hypergamy then make sure your partner or future husband has a more successful business than you so that he can and will support you and your children financially and he has a wonderful personality in which he will be able to cheer you on as you like.

  3. I'd like to add High end Hotels such as The Ritz Carlton, Omni Hotel, Rosewood Hotel, etc., banks such as Charles Swchab, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan chase and of course Country Clubs!!

    1. Oh and at luxury car dealerships as receptionists or clerks.

  4. Beautiful and enlightening content.����