A huge part of living The Hypergamous Life means creating balance in all areas of your life to create the perfect mix of completion and happiness. Remember ladies: The reward of living a feminine life is for you (not for men!) and having an elevated home will always be a huge reflection of a woman who is living in her feminine. If your home is in disarray, cluttered, a hot mess or downright neglected, your space will feel uncomfortable, unhappy, uninviting and will attract nothing but dust. And that dust will include dusty men. A woman's home is the truest reflection of her state of mind, so here are 11 feminine ways to get your house in order:
  1. Declutter. The most cost effective way of getting your house in order is in the art of letting go and learning how to decluttering by letting go of the old to invite in the new is how we keep our femininity elevated and inspired. So get ride of your clutter by donating, selling on Poshmark, or putting unwanted items out on the curb.
  2. Give your living space a deep clean. Clean your home from top to bottom by getting into all of the nooks and crannies that you have neglected for years: under your bed, behind your stove and refrigerator, and empty out your pantry of expired foods, spices and otherwise the foods that have never quite worked out. And if it is within your budget: hire a cleaning lady.
  3. Burn Essential Oil. Burning essential oils bring positive vibes to your living space while simultaneously getting rid of unpleasant order. I personally love Jasmine, Lavender, and Gardenia Oils and I use an oil diffuser to keep my living space fragrant. 
  4. Get a New Sheet Set (I prefer crisp white sheets) or splurge on a Satin Sheet set for feminine sultriness. 
  5. Hang Feminine Art. The Art that we love is subjective so the art that you hang should always be a reflection of what inspires you. But a great place to start: flowers, the feminine figure, or even making your own art.
  6. Surround yourself with Green.  Plants have restorative power and you have a bevy of choices: Low maintenance succelents, Cacti, The Bird of Paradise, Majesty Palm, A Snake Plant,  Ferns, and my favorite, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. 
  7. Respect your walls with paint.  Nothing says that you care about your home more than giving your home a fresh paint job. I personally stick to crisp white walls to create an aura of peace and calm.
  8. Keep a vase of fresh flowers. Roses, Lilies, Tulips, Gardenias Sunflowers and Carnations to be exact. To keep your feminine inspired because women are the flowers of the universe. 
  9. Practice Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art of living that is applied to home. To start your Feng Shui living start your journey by binge watching a few YouTube Videos.
  10. Make your home visually interesting. Start collecting Coffee Table Books based on your interest. I personally love hard cover decor books and African-American Art books. My latest splurge was The Rihanna Book.
  11. Treat your home as a spiritual den. Home just like any other area of our feminine lives is a frequency, a vibration that can either be low or high so treat your home and your feminine life as a high value sacred sanctuary! 
  12. And as a bonus....be committed and consistent with your feminine progress. No feminine woman is perfect or made overnight. 
Interested in becoming a desirable, feminine goddess? Stop wasting the time that you will never get back and join The New Feminine Finishing School or join The Feminine Book Club to get professionally started on your feminine journey. And for continued visual Feminine and Decor inspiration follow The Hypergamous Life on Tumblr and Pinterest. XO, Chloe_

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