Whether you are just starting out on your feminine journey or whether you are in the thick of it; learning how to process the layered emotion of anger is a necessary and non - negotiable skill in becoming the best feminine woman that you can be. There isn't a woman alive who has't experienced some form of buried hurt; some of us more than others. But how a woman learns to process her hurt can literarily make, break or absolutely destroy her feminine potential. Here are eight feminine ways to processing your anger and getting out of your own way:

  1. Acknowledge and admit that you are in pain. All human beings feel pain but what kind of pain are you in specifically? If you don't know; writing it down is your first step.  Here are the common forms of anger that block femininity: resentment, guilt, un-forgiveness, depression, rage, bitterness, being aggressively judgmental of others and hostility. If you are struggling with any or all of the above; the vulnerable acknowledgment of these powerful emotions is your first step towards healing. And remember ladies, your femininity will not flourish without a proper plan for healing!
  2. Process your Negative Emotions. Negative emotions when not processed grow into soul sucking inner demons! So stop neglecting your inner pain because your pain will only increase and worsen with time. Negative emotions are emotions that are meant to be processed, managed, distilled and at best eliminated or they will turn into emotional blockage, emotional constipation which can cause irreversible damage. 
  3. Stop waiting for the people who caused the hurt to fix it! Call it unfair, call it injustice but we often waste so much time waiting for the people who hurt us to apologize, to make amends and to make things right. And when they don't make amends we think we're punishing them by allowing ourselves to sulk, whine, complain and to throw temper tantrums in our victimhood. But here is a golden nugget: The people who caused the hurt are not capable of making amends! If they were they wouldn't have hurt you in the first place. Another golden nugget: No matter how long you wait; no one is going to come to your rescue and only you can rescue yourself!
  4. Tap into expressing your demons. Anger when unexpressed and unprocessed will trap your mind, body and soul into a prison. And when your existence is in a prison your femininity will not grow the wings that it will needs to soar, thrive and flourish! So learn how to express yourself. Give yourself a safe space to yell, cry, by a baseball bat and beat a pillow, get a pair of boxing gloves and hit a gym back, journal, and lean how to face your negative emotions head on! 
  5. Commit to some form of talk therapy. Talk therapy is invaluable because talking is how we get the nasty stuff out of our system! But the caveat is that it is best to do this with a trained professional who is trained to get you a high-level feedback loop and is there to be a support system towards you having a healthier outlook on life! Our friends, the YouTube comments section and perfect strangers are not trained to heal your demons so stop seeking advice from people who are often as broken as you!
  6. Practice Radical Self-Care. Radical self-care is making a commitment to putting yourself first on your to do list as a non negotiable. This means eating well, sleeping well, speaking to yourself well, and actively working on your dreams, your goals, your to-do list and your bucket list. Without radical self-care a feminine woman cannot flourish!
  7. Stop being led by your masculine! Once you've gotten a better hold of you anger, your masculinity will severely decrease and your femininity will sky rocket!  Read feminine books, marriage books, study feminine mannerisms, and feed your feminine spirit until it becomes second nature. Feminine women are not created overnight. Feminine women are created by dropping their commitment to leading in their masculine and by putting your anger into proper perspective!
  8. Not processing your anger will block your ability to attract and sustain high vale men. Women who are consumed by their anger are considered flammable and undesirable to high value men because unprocessed anger is frightening to a provider man who has his life together. High Value Men are not Mr. Fix It. They are masculine men who seek the balance that only the feminine divine can bring.
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