Happy August feminine ladies! We're eight months in and if you've made it this far count your blessing and hold on tight because 2020 has been and will continue to be one hell of a ride in the midst of so much uncertainty. But here  are the feminine things that I've either done for the month of August or that I'm looking forward to experiencing. Enjoy! XO Chloe_

I cannot wait to receive my package in the mail.

Have you seen Beyonce's Visual Masterpiece and love letter to Africa "Black is King?" Your jaw will drop.

This dress is a sexy silhouette, but different, and I like it.

Brionna Taylor deserves real justice but the below cover art by Oprah Magazine is a beautiful dedication.

55 of the Best natural hair products to buy now according to American Vogue.

Went on a candle splurge at Byredo and I don't regret it. 

High Low Luxe and her feminine looks are EVERYTHING.

Runway shows, in my opinion are a feminine must: Here are two recent iconic shows: Versace and Jacquemus Runway. 

This Walter Mercado documentary on Netflix is a must watch. And I learned so much from this beautiful soul.

Organic wine really does taste cleaner.

The Iconic Cartier Watch. For feminine women who dream big. And here is an equally beautiful smaller dream.

What a gorgeous gold frame.

There's just something about a Black and White Photo.

Want a more feminine home? Bring Nature in

Struggling with fibroids, here's one woman's revealing experience. 

These feminine art prints are everything. I now have three.

10 reasons why you struggle to have friendships with women and this list is pretty accurate.

Being inspired by love is always a good thing.

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