It goes without saying that a book will always be judged by its cover and social media is no different!

So one of the most important feminine lessons to embrace on your feminine journey is learning the strategic skill of controlling your feminine narrative with the power of strategic intention. A feminine lady thinks twice before she posts because once released, the public at large is free to twist, manipulate and plot. 

When your social media is filled with unladylike haphazardness, silly immature memes and lots of low quality information, it's energy can literally make, break or highly compromise your feminine and Hypergamous Journey. The affect on your reputation: Disastrous! So ladies, your feminine reputation should be guarded with your life. 

Whether Tik Tok, Facebook or Instagram, social media is a powerful narrative and is a super easy way for people to character assassinate others based off an image, so here are some strategies on how to clean up your public persona for good:
  1. Only allow quality images of yourself to be published. Images should be clear and of the highest quality and yes, all backgrounds matter. So clean up your room and keep all things unsightly at bay because you will be judged critically and harshly!
  2. Do not allow your secret haters, frenemies or those who seek to publish you in an unflattering light to publish photos of you without your permission.
  3. Take down all images of your social media that are not a reflection of who you are now and where you want to be! 
  4. Bad lighting? Messy background? Dirty Car? Are you drunk? Do you look sloppy, messy or unkempt? Over sexualized, are you thirst trapping? Poor posture? Yellow teeth? Bad flashback? Take the image down, now.
  5. Are there any offensive or distasteful jokes, low brow memes, or have you bullied others on twitter in the past? Are you an instigator or a trouble maker? Delete any and all trails and evidence of social media nastiness because it will come back to haunt you!
  6. A lady does not give people ammunition or receipts! The minute your say something dumb or out of pocket people will screenshot it and use it to character assassinate. 
  7. Do not insult or talk bad about your BOSS on social media. And yes, this tip applies to people who are well paid entertainers. (Nick Cannon learned this the hard way!) and never openly offend the person who is cutting your checks. Feminine women are not only beautiful they are strategic and intelligent. 
  8. Be prepared to inspire envy and jealousy when your Instagram becomes elevated. When a woman is blooming in her feminine; not only will she shine, but it will make others uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and expect this!
  9. Be mysterious. Feminine women never give it all away. You do not have to share every aspect of your feminine life on social media. Always recognize the feminine power of leaving something to the imagination. 
  10. Google yourself to see what's out there and try to get all unflattering images or videos removed.
  11. If you must, destroy all traces of your old social media and start fresh by deleting all old accounts. Pronto and Stat!
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