Hypergamous Ladies! With The Rona, The Protests, The Locusts and the Killers of Breonna Taylor still not being brought to justice,  the month of June and the year of 2020 continues to test our feminine endurance. But here are my July 2020 Feminine Favorites to keep you grounded in softness, sultry energy, femininely inspired and feeling like a whole woman. XO, Chloe_

Skincare: HyperClear Skin Vitamin C Serum is on my highly recommend black owned list

I love the packaging behind Taraji's natural hair brand TPH as well as Vegan Brand Soultanicals

B. Simone's Money Maker is sold out. But wow. Such a gorgeous red-orange. 

Every Woman needs and oversized white shirt. But this one is ca-yute as well.

For your Mental Health, please read

A snakeskin AirPod case.  Yaas.

This yellow dress is only for the bold.

This Honeysuckle Rose Face Mist by Pholk is everything I need for my Summertime Beauty Routine.

The floral romper that I didn't know I needed.

What a gorgeous Maison Margiela Tote

Cowry shells represent currency. Perfect for the Hypergamous woman.

An open work dress. So feminine and so tasteful. 

Looking for a quality nude lippe for your skin tone? Try Mented

I am an advocate of remaining in your feminine as much as possible but here is a well put together list of where to put your mouth and your money to support the movement. 

And as always, to take your feminine journey to the highest of levels join The New Feminine Finishing School. XO, Chloe.

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