The Feminine Word of the Day is Body Self-Care because plain and simple, a feminine woman takes care of her body, her health, and she makes her fitness a priority and not an afterthought. 

So why do women ignore working out? Low self worth, wanting a shortcut to success, being fearful of success (which is connected to low self-worth) and an endless variety of reasons that all add up to a pile of nothing.

Ladies, hypergamy is not about sitting on the sidelines and wishing a provider man into existence. Hypergamy is about blending femininity with the law of attraction to reap with rewards that come with high value experiences. So how are you going to attract a high value man if you won't even put the sweat equity in to take care of you? 

The reward of femininity is not about getting a man to spend on you. The reward of femininity is life balance, feeling good, looking good and loving the life the life that you were brought here on earth to live. Too many women neglect their bodies and their health because they aren't moving, they aren't dancing, they aren't stretching, they aren't weight lifting and then they wonder why they continue to attract low value experiences that keep them depressed, stuck, miserable and more importantly dissatisfied. 

So do yourself a favor and work out to boost your mood and to give yourself a fighting chance at being the best feminine woman that you can be. XO Chloe_

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  1. You're so right, exercising really makes me feel as if I'm taking care of myself.