A summer white or rose, a high quality candle, giving your living space a fresh new coat of paint, a therapy session, sunscreen without the casper the ghost ghastly cast and fashion, beauty and skincare that all wow, this all inclusive black owned list of black excellence has got your feminine needs covered! Here are my carefully screened, tried, true and tested editor's choice all star picks for living your best feminine life that are black-owned! Enjoy and Keep it Feminine!

  1. Joe + Malone Candles.  My personal favorite: The Dark Roses Candle. A feminine home makes a happy and balanced life. 
  2. Brother Vellies founded by the ever stylish Aurora James.  This brand is a jolt of high end fashion for the Eternal Feminine Soul. 
  3. Antik Lakay Home. Get their Victory Candle which is a soy candle blend of Rose, Vanilla and Cocoa. 
  4. Beneath Your Mask. Founded by Dana Jackson in 2011, Dana who was diagnosed with Lupus which completely changed her life and inspired her wholistic approach to beauty and wellness.
  5. When your living space needs a makeover: paint! Clare paint is a Zero VOC paint brand founded by Interior Designer Nicole Gibbons.  
  6. Pur Home. Sanitize your home and keep it ladylike without chemicals. 
  7. The Honey Pot founded by Beaux Dixon. Highly highly recommend. Beautiful no-nonsense packaging and can also be found at Target. Ladies, her feminine hygiene products will put you on Cloud 9. 
  8. Golde. My first taste of the Golde wellness brand, founded by Trinity Wofford, was her Matcha Tumeric Latte Blend and once you get a taste you will be SOLD. 
  9. Oui The People founded by Karen Young. High end razors for the feminine woman who is interested in having a high level clean shave
  10. Briogeo Hair. Founded by Nancy Twine and they have it all when it comes to hair, scalp care and products that steeped in wellness. Briogeo is world renowned for their deep conditioners but their Vegan Omega Biotin supplements are everything.
  11. Shani Darden aesthetician to the Stars. This skincare brand is high end but worth every feminine penny
  12. If you are looking for a shade of Perfect Red for your lips than look no further than The Lip Bar. Bawse Lady is my jam and will make you look like a feminine knockout. 
  13. Satcha Cosmetics for Feminine Makeup fiends who desire to look Instagram worthy and picture perfect. 
  14. Therapy for Black Girls founded by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. What good is a feminine appearance if your heart and mental centers are in disarray? I am an wholesale advocate of prioritizing your mental health and protecting your sanity. Also recommend: My Therapy Cards founded by Black Licensed Psychologist Ebony Butler. 
  15. Black Girl Sunscreen. Black women of all shades need sunscreen. Period. Dot. 
  16. A feminine woman rocks a swimsuit confidently and swimwear designer Andrea Iyamah's swim suits are the bomb dot com. 
  17. A feminine woman knows HER WINES.  And Maison Noir Wines have you covered with their highly covetable wine brand and their punchy and decorative labels. I love a good Chardonnay and a Cabernet but their Love Drunk Rose is a household favorite. 
  18. Pholk Beauty. I love everything about this brand founded by Niambi Cacchioli who was born n Georgia and raised in Kentucky and I highly recommend that you get your hands on the Honeysuckle Rose Face Mist because it always sells out. 
  19. The very affordable Oma The Label. Fashionable, feminine and beautifully edited
  20. Coddle, founded by Ruth Martin-Gordon. If you're having a baby and you need postpartum pampering, then Coddle is your brand.
  21. Grenadian womenswear designer Fe Noel. I die and I live because I am a feminine glamour puss and you should be too
And for those of you who are interested in elevating your feminine game to the highest level stop wasting your time and join The New Feminine or read the #1 Amazon best seller "Womanly" to become your best feminine woman you were meant to be. XO, Chloe.


  1. Love the aesthetics of the blog & content!Cheers­čąé

  2. Chloe, thank you so much for these recommendations! I'm going to try "The Honey Pot" products, "Therapy Cards", "Briogeo Hair Care", and other products you have mentioned on here. Your page is always so helpful and lovely.

  3. Chloe, you should definitely publish a Feminine Magazine! That would be lovely!