13 million views and counting and now this visceral “pain porn” has made its way to The Shade Room.  For those of you who don’t know there is currently circulating, a visually damaging video of a young black girl named Wynta-Amor Rogers, who looks like she should be eating Captain Crunch and watching cartoons, who is instead, stomping, marching, preaching and protesting, and protesting, stomping, preaching  and marching during a black lives matter rally where rubber bullets are potentially being shot, tear gas grenades are being launched, and the spirit of anger, rage and CONFRONTATION is being absorbed and imprinted into this little girls heart, soul, spirit and memory like a sponge. Ladies and lurkers, this is the tentacled “hooking” power of social engineering 101 and it is completely violating. This is how little black girls are turned into hardened adult black women who become pack mules and surrogates of masculinity and this is where the seeds of the widely anointed, designated, celebrated and uplifted archetype of the Social Justice Warrior are planted and why so many black women would rather eat a bar of soap than to surrender the “ego stroking” attention that comes with being a surrogate replacement for the manhood of men. I said what I said and please get offended because a hit dog will always holler because little black girls do not need a head start on becoming masculine women. Will this sadder than sad social engineering for little black girls to become Social Justice  “Sista Toldja" Warriors ever stop?  XO Chloe_

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