Insecure Season 4 Finale: "Low Key Lost"

In this season finale, we learn that Issa and Nathan will remain cutsey pocket buddies, that the baby blues of postpartum depression will make a woman want to evaporate and disappear, that Molly's worst PTSD breakup nightmare has finally come to fruition and that Ms. Condolences will be giving Lawrence an albatross trap baby whether he likes it or not. Womp, womp! Absolutely none of us *blank stare* are surprised about this Maury Povich goose egg. High class Condola will be a baby mamma come hell or high-water because when a woman's ticking biological clock turns into a five alarm fire all bets are off and the "MarRIaGe before CaRrIAgE” echo chamber of judgement can kick rocks with flip flops. What Insecure does really beautifully is demonstrate that the story of life comes with complexity. Whether we like it or not life isn't black and white, cut and dry, up or down, yes and no or right and wrong. Life is nuanced, complicated, many shades of grey, often out of our control and more importantly, life is about reluctantly accepting that life will throw bricks through your window. Samurai Bae and “I'm upset” Molly were never compatible or believable as a couple, Issa and Molly are bonded and Lawrence and Issa are at an “and baby makes four" crossroads. So ladies and lurkers of the Hypergamous high court, should Issa stay or should Issa dip? And would another woman having your man's anchor baby be the final nail in this situationship coffin? XO, Chloe_

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