Anti-Seductive Archetype: The Sapphire!

For those of you who don't what Anti-Seductive means, click here.

But a warning: major triggering offenses ahead!

The Sapphire Archetype "AKA" the woman of misery is a caricature and defamation label that historically has been pinned on black women although there are women of all races and nationalities who are guilty of being miserable and cantankerous. 

However, when it comes to black women, The Sapphire is a label  that has been bonded and superglued to the life story and narrative and thought process of black women and unfortunately an overwhelming amount of black women will reinforce, and uphold this very damaging stereotype.

Definition wise, The Sapphire is the extroverted cantankerous woman who doesn't think before she speaks. The Sapphire woman is not a listener; she is a reactor. And her reputation is a that of woman who is considered rude, malicious, stubborn, overbearing, toxic, and downright miserable. 

The Sapphire is what is considered the stereotypical angry black woman who is lonely and manless. She is known to have a venomous tongue, she's emasculating, she rolls her neck and eyes and she is known to mock Black Men for a laundry list of offenses that range from being the face of cheating, abuse and being perpetually unemployed.

The Sapphire is also considered a nagger and a agitator who is consumed with irrational misplaced anger, righteous indignation and she also has a reputation of being petty and mean-spirited. The Sapphire is also know for elevating imagined slights, looking to be offended and she is always ready to spew venom to any one whom she feels insults or disrespects her slighted ego. Her speciality: Clap-backs and finger wagging for sport.

The Sapphire is a domineering woman and her hyper-sensitivity to injustices make her a perpetual complainer, but she does not criticize to improve things; rather she criticizes to energize her bitterness and to spread her misery to overcompensate for her lack of personal unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. 

Her end game: being worshipped for the elevated attention and focus that comes with negativity. 

Why is she considered Ant-Seductive? Because women who are consumed with negative energy are a complete turnoff to high value men and perpetual negativity kills feminine energy and destroys the ability of feminine potential to thrive.  For women who consider themselves a Sapphire there is very little wiggle room for femininity to shine and thrive as the Sapphire is the woman who tends to get into her own way. 

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