Now more than ever is the time to get into feminine formation because come hell or high water our cities and our countries are opening back up and experiencing luck is all about preparation meeting opportunity. Here are my June 2020 pick me up feminine favorites to keep you inspired and focused. Happy June!

This plunging V-neck swimsuit is the bees knees: https://bit.ly/3ciPxsE

Struggling with Protest Anxiety and Mental Health? Try Therapy for Black Girls: https://bit.ly/3gLJksw

Give your home a feminine upgrade: https://bit.ly/2MguM6i

The Harlem Candle Company Can do No Wrong. Here's one of my favorites: https://bit.ly/3eEu0fv

I love the modern simplicity of this trench coat: https://bit.ly/3gN1bQa

On my Bucket List: Maui. https://bit.ly/2XkOLXM

Another Gorgeous swimsuit from H&M Studio: https://bit.ly/2MlQ6ra

I have been drinking this Aveda tea for eons. Hot or on Ice: https://bit.ly/2TXvDwQ

Here are 10 Elevated recipes. Bon Appetit!: https://bit.ly/3drLawE

I love these very Cosmopolitan Burberry Sunnies: https://bit.ly/2XmhzPA

What a Gorgeously bold feminine jumpsuit: https://go.zara/3cl5gHD

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