Insecure Season 4/ Episode 9: "Low Key Trying"

In this episode (Directed by the lovely Kerry Washington) we learn that Nathan is friend zoned and bi-polar, that Condola is now a convenient *wink wink* blip on the radar, and that Issa and Lawrence are very good at turning each other out. Lawrence and Issa are back in the chemistry sack and their "no label" situationship is as familiar, cozy and as comfy as a pair of warm socks in winter. Issa and Lawrence are what I call the never ending "friends with benefits on steroids” and now Issa is low-key right back to being Lawrence's self esteem nurse and his “just kicking it” security blanket. Which for Issa means: No Bueno. The foreshadowing writing is on the wall and a serious case of wishy washy Lawrence "backfire" is on the horizon because duh! Lawrence's surname is Mr. FlimFlam. And I don't know about y'all but I've pretty much had my fill of Molly and her wrong and strong Pretzel Logic and her high key draining inflexibility. Not only has Molly been super aggravating this season but her “bumped her head” amnesia and her “one way street" blindspots are so highly offensive that even Samurai Bae is taking mental note. Misunderstood Molly is starting to become one of the most aggravating characters on the show due to her super glued attitude, her irrational pettiness and her overinflated sense of how important she thinks she is. The lesson to learn here is that radioactive friends like Molly should always be given a wide berth because learning how to deal with their “open season” hostile venom simply isn't worth the time, the hassle or the headache. So ladies and lurkers, will Issa and Lawrence get married and live happily ever after? Or will Lawrence find fresh wind and a secured bag on a San Francisco trolly without Issa? #CouchSex #HustlingBackwards

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