Before I describe to you who and what a narcissist is, let me first start by sharing with you what a narcissist isn't:

A narcissist is not a person who loves to look in the mirror.

A narcissist is not a conceited person.

A narcissist is not a person who takes selfies all day and night.

And a narcissist is not only a man.

A Narcissist can be a man, a woman, a gay person, a mother, a father, a trans person, a Mexican, An Italian, a Jamaican, an African American, a grandmother, a teenager, a young adult, a grown man and an aging senior citizen.

Narcissism is a spectrum personality disorder where a person is an emotional stunted child who is trapped inside of an adult body. There's mild narcissism (like conceit, extreme arrogance, and overt self-importance) and then there's full out Narcissistic Personality Disorder which is also known as NPD.

And NPD is the dark cloud soul sucking narcissism that seeks to take, drain, destroy, gas light and terrorize in a way that is confusingly perplexing and head scratching.

In romantic relationships the Narcissist is a low value trickster who initially pretends to be the man of a woman's dreams until he drops the mask to reveal himself as a bonafide viper and a demanding, controlling, entitled soul snatching, self-focused predator.

So how does a woman even begin to detect a narcissist? Well the answer is kinda tricky because if a woman is a bonafide people pleaser, the nice girl or codependent to the bone she is the narcissist's perfect victim. 

However, the keys signs to detecting a narcissist is their astonishing lack of empathy, their hallmark irrationality and lack of reason, their lack of emotional maturity and their signature lack of reciprocity which is the apex of their sickness. The narcissist is and forever will be a TAKER.

And why is understanding Narcissism important to a feminine woman? Because a feminine woman's journey will be broken, stalled and compromised by the needy toxic tentacles of a soul sucking bossy narcissist who will require that their needs be met at the expense of your own. And a woman cannot thrive or flourish in her feminine when she is being an emotional caretaker for a person who will do nothing but destroy, sabotage, dim and ultimately shatter her feminine light. XO, Chloe_

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