Insecure Season 4/ Episode 5: "Low Key Moving On." 

In this week's recap, Disappearing Act Nathan is back, Condola and Lawrence are air quote "over", and we find out the depth of how "insecure" feelings can really ruin a friendship. Yall. Molly flipped her entire wig this episode and has become an expert at making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Issa D and her moments in The Sun.

But to make it even more plan, Molly is that slow boil passive-aggresive hater that finally implodes after taking too many hits of her jealousy crack pipe. From the very beginning of this season, Molly Mop head has done everything in her power to make Issa's big moments all about her in ways that are irritating, irrational, gaslighting, unnecessary and petty AF. 

The cautionary tale to learn here is that Molly is that "High Maintenance" friend, with extra needy tentacles, who is only your firend because she never expect you to outgrown, outshine or surpass her. And that embarrassing scene at the end of tonight's episode is what I call hashtag real life and a truer than true reflection of how a frenemies favorite tool is a wrench. XO Chloe_

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