Insecure Season 4/ Episode 3: "LowKey Thankful."

The Shake Up and The Turning Point. 

Without giving away any spoiler, the cautionary lesson to learn here is that "throttles" don't work, especially when 5 year ex's are involved. The other less: that feeling insecure and inadequate can make a person do dumb things. 

In Episode 3, we learn that Condola has her own, that she's not desperate for a family, and that she's already "been there done that" with saying "I DO", that her friendship circle is cooler than cool and that Lawrence cannot really impress her not can he penetrate her emotional "stiff-arming." So what does he do? What any atypical butt-hurt reject would: he reaches out to Issa to find a soothing and familiar place to soften the blow of his bruised and battered ego. Ladies and lurkers, my question is do Issa and Lawrence even "belong" together? Or is Lawrence trying to sabotage his relationship with Condola because he's feeling Insecure? 

And side bar: Did Issa build up Lawrence as a man all that so a woman like Condola could enjoy the benefits of all her "Pick Me" labor or is Issa just feeling some type of Lowkey jealousy? Discuss. 

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