Insecure Season 4/ Episode 8: "Low Key Happy"

We've all been waiting an extra long ten years by the HBO door for that “return to memory lane” moment, when Issa and Lawrence finally circle their way back to each other’s arms and that is exactly what happened last night:  two "do they or don't they belong together" ex's giving each other the sniff test to see if giving fate a “happy ending second chance” is even worth it. In this episode we learn that Lawrence is that straddle the fence “spirit of confusion” ex whose gears are perpetually stuck in the neutrality and the ambivalence of decision fatigue. Does he need Issa or does he want Condola? And will this one foot in, one foot out the door ninja, ever make up his indecisive mind? Lawrence’s reluctance about Issa is quite irksome and he seems to be stuck in the midst of a very common internal battle: The battle between the decisions of the mind and the decisions of the heart. And because a man's fragile ego won’t ever get over being cheated on, Lawrence is still very much feeling defeated and “Insecure" about why Issa chose to lay it low and spread it wide for "side fling" Daniel. But in this entire episode Issa pretty much gives Lawrence the energy green light to have his way, because (Condola or not), Issa deserves to have a night of passion with her sorta new and improved leveled up ex, because well,  she earned it. So ladies and lurkers, did Issa put on her "pick me" combat boots too soon by giving up the buns to Lawrence?  Is reunification needed for closure? And can Lawrence and Issa ever truly make each other Happy? Or are our ex’s our ex’s for a reason? XO Chloe_

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