Insecure Season 4/ Episode 6: "Lowkey Done."

In this “life without Molly” episode we learn that not only can words sting, burn and echo, but that they can also rotate and ruminate inside of our minds like a rotisserie chicken. Is Issa really an opportunistic, dry-begging , self-absorbed user like Molly says she is? 

Ladies and lurkers, only the people that we love, can kick us in the stomach where it hurts and that is exactly what Molly accomplished. So instead of drinking Pepto-Bismal what does Issa do? She goes out of her way prove that she isn’t an opportunistic  leechy leech by attempting to buy groceries for a pregnant stranger and giving a Free99 joy-ride to an elderly man-child sourpuss. And to completely ruin her night, Issa drops her guard, only to get high-key played and punk’d by a bunch of prankster clownette dine-and-dash fraudsters. 

But there is a proud rainbow moment. 

Instead of opting in for the comfort of a stereotypical booty call, Issa decides to go cry on her mother’s shoulder in a very necessary moment of daughter to mother vulnerability. Issa the “cultural creator” is in a transition period of growth and maturity, and along with that, comes the rapid fire power, of life shifting unprepared for hurt, that hits you right between the eyes. Thirty is the age where you are not young, but you’re not old, but you’re not young and the older you get , the less time you have to fix and repair situationships that aren’t worth fixing.  #thenewfeminine #Dirty30

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