Insecure Season 4/ Episode 7: "Low Key Trippin."

In this “was it racism?” episode, we “sidebar” learn that Nathan has some mental health issues that Issa may not be aware of, that Molly and her “pulling rank” ego still very much expects Issa to grovel and kiss the ring , and that the alliance between Black-ness and Asian-ness is about as authentic as finding BigFoot in the Woods. Molly and Samurai Sword are on a lustful couples bae-cation with Andre’s family in Mexico, enjoying an over zealous itinerary, blindfold kinks and amazing sunsets, until Ms. Hotel Towel girl just had to go on and RUIN everything when she could have just given Molly and her vacation wig the damn pool towel. Or is Molly once again trippin trippin and becoming a headstrong expert at turning a molehill into a mountain? And to add even more lighter fluid to the racism bonfire, did Andrew’s brother really just pettily gaslight and reduce Molly’s experience to the insulting fumes of overreacting? Or does Molly have a nasty habit of turning “imagined slights” into hard core violations? Whatever Molly’s issue, she finally decides to go on and gift herself a long overdue appointment of having a much needed sit down on the therapist’s couch, because Molly’s tic tic boom temper is in desperate need of a guidance and perspective tune up. Ladies and Lurkers, Is Molly always looking to be offended? Or is Molly’s middle name “Misunderstood?”  Chloe_

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