When it comes to seducing men, you will always get more out of men with honey than vinegar, with the exception of a Dusty  because a Dusty is an Ant-Seductive archetype who either doesn't have it to give or will make you jump through a circus ring on fire for Chicken Wings and French Fries. 

Ladies and Lurkers, I  bash low value men (of all shades) for entertainment purposes, but I don't play games *Birdman Rub* when it comes to generous High Value Men. I get in my siren, I get in my feminine and I play to win. And I suggest that you strategically do the same.

So here's how it works: When dealing with men remember you are a feminine, ladylike woman first.  And that's it. Too many women only offer men the taste of vinegar with their masculine attitude and mindset and then wonder why they are left on read.

So stop listening to butt hurt women, rage filled lone-lies and dried up bitter Bessies,  and turn on your feminine charm because the taste of Honey is not only pleasing to men of quality, but it also works wonders on disarming men, keeping quality men interested, and keeps the anti-seductive sour taste of vinegar away.  

Ladies never in the history of ever has a high-value man been attracted to a woman who's energy screams: SOURPUSS. XO Chloe_

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