Feminine Lesson: The Medium Maintenance Dynamic!

The Mid-Maintenance or The Medium Maintenance Woman, is the woman who is not a Low-Maintenance woman, but she is far from Hypergamous, as she is typically the "working woman" who's mindset is fixated on the virtues of fairness, equality and being "the good girl who doesn't make waves" in the realm of men.

The Mid Maintenance Mantra: Team Work Makes The Dream Work." Until it doesn't.

These "equality" arrangements are what is taught to be the "ideal standard" of romantic relationships, but when examined more in depth, these relationships are generally filled with quiet resentments, lots of mini-power struggles and deeply embedded corrosive frustrations that often come to a volcanic boiling point.

Why? Because a woman who isn't allowed to fully rest in her feminine at some point and time in her marriage or relationship will become a bitterly resentful workhorse. Being overtaxed, frustrated, drained, exhausted and physically overwhelmed from both taking care of home, commuting and working outside of the home are the "supposed gains" of being an independent modern woman. However the problem is that these "gains" do not feel so rewarding when you are experiencing them in your marriage and your romantic partnerships.

Now I am not saying that 50/50 Relationships cannot work.

What I am saying is that the wiring of a woman will always take over,  and when a woman is overworked, she will be tired and she will desire in her loins an extended vacation off of the "Merry Go Round"work-like-balance Ferris wheel. And if her man cannot make this happen for her; her admiration for him will lessen and lessen until it turns into full blown emasculation and disrespect.

And if a tired and resentful working woman even catches a dagger glimpse of another woman being provided for and relaxing in her feminine, she will seethe with rage and become comparative,  competitive and hash tag Big Mag at the other woman, who gets to play the role of Miss Feminine Suzy homemaker. 

Ladies. The Number one problem with having a mid-maintenance mindset is that men to not respect "fair" or reasonable", nor do the respect a woman who is being nice. Nice girls have always finished last when they fundamentally do not understand men.

It is in a man's nature to be way more interested in being needed, being the hero and growing in their masculine,  and The Mid-Maintenance dynamic will offer very little wiggle room for his masculinity and his virility to grow, mature, expand and flourish , because The Mid-maintenance dynamic also means that a man will never be be able to claim the "ego stroking" or the masculine satisfaction that comes with being respected as The Boss. 

Contrary to popular belief, a man is more inclined to respect and value a woman who brings out the best in their masculinity and that is usually the woman who makes it a standard that the man 100 percent provide, plus tax. This is where the Hypergamous High Maintenance Standard reigns Supreme. XO Chloe_

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  1. I am reading this in tears Chloe I was trick into the 50/50 game and I'm so bitter and resentmentful and my marriage is in shambles. I want to quit my job and relax at 37 (2kids later) but my husband gets meaner by the day and I just want to leave the marriage at this point. Any advice on how make him see my point? Or starting a hypergamous life now? Or is it too late for me? Help