To the untrained eye, people are inclined to believe that femininity is about flowers, roses, tulips, receiving truffles and daisies and running barefoot in a field of lush grass in a magically problem free world.

But one of the most powerful lessons that I have learned on my feminine journey is that when a women isn't threatening she will be a woman who isn't attacked. 

The Feminine Lesson and The Hypergamous Truth: Mediocre women are not attacked, they are ignored.


Lose a significant amount of weight and the haters will come.

Get a complete makeover and the snarky comments will commence.

Get out of your neighborhood, eat at new restaurants, travel to new places, and be prepared for many levels of dry hate, intense jealousy and passive aggressive silent envy. 

Date higher caliber man and then you will really see the true colors of the hater rainbow. 

Ladies, the minute a woman decides to wear heels, and makeup, and dresses, and date often, and sugar....and the minute a woman begins to live a life have her dreams with a provider man by her side she will be attacked. 

A feminine woman who minds the hypergamous business that pays her will be attacked with nasty comments, snide remarks, rolling eyes, your friends will change up on you, your frenemies will drag you behind your back, your broke male friends and relatives will feel insecure. Your mom will raise her eyebrows (especially if she never taught you how to dwell in your feminine), your female colleagues and your female boss will not won't want you to sit with them. But you male colleagues will buy you lunch and open doors for you and ask you out to dinner.

Now the question that I have for you ladies is: Can you Stomach the Hate?

Some people will want the best for you; but most people do not respond favorable when you are doing better than them.

The Higher you level up, the deeper the envy and the insecurity you will inspire and those are just the facts of life.

And this is why women are so inclined to shrink and to engineer themselves to be small. Because average woman just does not want to be attacked. But ladies and lurkers, if you aren't experiencing pushback then you aren't doing "femininity" right. XO, Chloe_

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