What is the Feminine Realm? 

The Feminine Realm is the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realm of your personal connection and your personal awareness of all things feminine, feminine divine, feminine illumination and feminine energy.

And it... (*The Feminine Realm) is an unlimited source of powerful feminine energy that is available to tap into...at any time!

The average woman can be aware of the "outwardly" appearances of feminine presentation (like hair, nails, makeup and dresses) but that doesn't mean that she is connected nor committed to the feminine divine.

In other words: Never Confuse or Mistake a Feminine Presentation with the embodiment of being a feminine woman.

Feminine fashion or clothing are not what makes a woman feminine. 

A woman becomes feminine through her mindset, her mentality, her actions, the way she speaks, the way she eats, her etiquette, her tablet manners, her grace, her poise and by becoming an above and beyond LADY.

Just because a woman is intrigued by the idea of being feminine  does not mean that she is committed to being feminine. Huge Difference.

The Feminine Realm is where a woman goes to become high value and it is the place where a woman learns how to become an unstoppable feminine force. 

Feminine women study, they purge debilitating habits, they become more girly, more dainty, they strategize to remain in their feminine, they shut down haters and naysayers by taking their feminine lives to the top,  and more importantly they are deeply connected to the rewards and the payoffs that come with being a feminine woman. XO Chloe_

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  1. I adore you beyond measure. Mind heart and spirit. ��