So what does being "Anti-Seductive" mean? It means the actions by which a person is completely turned off by another person. 

A person can turned off by negativity, a negative mindset, women who lead in their masculine, men who lead in their feminine, people who live and dwell in insecurity and inadequacy, people who seek to dominate and control others, people who see themselves as victims,  people who incessantly complain,  and people who don't take care of themselves are all examples of the anti-seductive archetype. So don't be her (or him!)

Anti-Seduction is also when person lacks a high level of self-awareness and a profound misunderstanding of how their  unfeminine ways and actions impact the lives of others. 

So how does a woman stop being anti-seductive? By fully stepping into her feminine! Ladies seduction can only happen when your level of femininity, your feminine charm, your feminine mindset, the allure you demonstrate, your ability to project mystery and your sensuality  are in the lead; not an afterthought. And it will always be that way.  XO, Chloe.

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