Male Hierarchy Series: The Zeta Male. 

The Zeta Male is a man that refers to the lower and often the lowest of Social Hierarchy of Males.

In laymen terms they are considered "The Runt" of the Litter.

Zeta Males are men who "openly" and  "consciously" reject, Object or Opt out of  the traditional societal norms and expectations of men like providing and protecting and becoming husbands. 

The Zeta Males goal, mindset and modus operandi is beat rejection with rejection!

In other words a Zeta who feels like a reject is a man who will beat others to the punch first!

Zeta Men can be Bi, Gay, or Straight and they are usually a part of the Dusty or the Dead Beat Mafia known as the Red Pill Movement or MGTOW. 

They are men who have very rigid and inflexible mindsets and they  typically have some sort of mental instability...often in the form of narcissism or borderline personality disorder....

Make no mistake about it... these men are extremely low value and they are INSECURE to the bone!

As a feminine woman and a feminine woman in the making... your number one job is to raise your self-esteem and worth so that you can easily spot and avoid this low value prototype at all costs.

A woman's attraction to a Zeta Male can only be sustained when she is vibrating at the same level as a Zeta. A Zeta can only get his hooks into a woman who doesn't know her worth or her value.

By Nature Zeta men are predators who will prey on women with "woe is me" and "nobody understands or get's me" narratives that are all a part of a con game to Lower a woman's defenses for the kill. But in the Zeta Realm Zeta men are men who are 1000 percent committed to their dysfunction and internal trauma without let up.

Zeta males are notorious for stalking women, being cry babies, whiners, and complainers and they are internally motivated by their "Rejected" Spirit.

A Feminine Tip: Do not try to figure out why these men are the way they are.  Zeta Males are not men to be fixed or put back together as a truly feminine woman who understands her worth will understand that fixing a man is a 24 hour 7 day a week job that comes with no benefits. 

XO Chloe_

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  1. Back in the day, these men were known as deadbeats. With the knowledge of narcissism, the narrative is much deeper. Love the article.💟

  2. Read the article "A Voice for men" .There you will better understand zeta males.First read about them then argue.Never state your assumptions as facts

  3. By definition the zetas are guys who literally do not care about women.
    They are monks or spiritual types who are in the journey for something else then human relationships.

    The true runt of the litter or weak man award goes to the bad boy archetype or the gamma male.
    The guy who rather than just being himself goes around annoying people, having boring stories to tell, talking a lot and just being obnoxious to everyone. He also tries very hard to be intimidating or fun to be around but it is all an act and anyone with half a brain can easily detect it.
    These men cannot be fixed

    1. fixed? lol what? I am a male who avoids dating at all cost... Men avoid dating because western society has made dating a unenjoyable experience for men... in short dating is a woman's world and men have little power in that arena. Plenty of women find me above average in terms of dating as I am smart, funny etc... but I dont see the benefit of dating in todays world... its a high risk, low reward behavior. Look at how many men have been ruined by dating women who accused them of abuse... like Jhonny depp... it behooves successful men to stay single and happy... unless you are the type that likes a mate... Im not saying one is better than the other, I just reject the attenuation of men and women who choose to stay single... we are smart, successful, and productive members of society.

  4. This article makes it out to be that zeta males are weak and unsure of themselves lmao... Sorry if you find self development and improvement to be considered weak just because you find men not wanting to bend to will of society and women. Its the year 2020, and we live in the 21st century if your not willing to adapt and change with the way some people are going about doing it, please go back to the drawing board and learn to become a better human.

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