Warning: If you are easily offended, please do not read this. 

Because this is a message that was written to save lives.

*Clears Throat*

The Raw Truth: The average woman has roughly a 15 year window in which to get the marriage, family and motherhood thing figured out. 

Can it happened outside of that? Sure.

Can life be magnificent and fulfilling after 35? Absolutely. 

But the urgency and the pressure to optimize a woman's dating and marriage marketability often intensifies after 35, which often corners women into a vortex of  poor choices and bad decision making due to a lack of feminine education.

So where did we go wrong here as women? 

By not having open and honest discussions about the 15 year window.

Our mamas won't tell us this. (Most won't know to tell us.)

The Echo Chamber of the Over-Reliant Strong Black Woman Narrative will not tell you this.

The staunchest of Feminist will not openly discuss all spectrums of womanhood.

And most fathers haven't the slightest idea on what to give their daughters outside of  provision and protection.

But in the year 2020; something must be done to turn the tide of this conversational neglect because the consequences are often dire and irreversible. 

Now to be clear. 

I am in no way insinuating that women need to hit the irrationality of the panic button if they are not wives or mothers. In no way does being 35 mean that life is over and this article was not written to judge, shame, nor to weaponize or wag the finger of ridicule.

This article was written for the women who email me everyday telling me how much they wish someone would have spoken to them sooner than later.

The 15 year window is a profoundly neglected foundational area of womanhood conversations that are necessary for women to flourish in the feel good feelings and states of fulfillment, contentment, completion, happiness and joy. 

Ladies and Lurkers, awareness is how generational curses are ended for good.

Are we ready to mainstream the conversation of the 15 year window? XO Chloe_

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