What is the Spirit of Confusion?

The Spirit of Confusion is a when a person does not know who they are or what they want out of life, while at the same time wanting someone else to fix their issues, their dilemmas, they're personal problems and more importantly they are more invested in "remaining stuck" than growth or progression.

A Hallmark sign of a confused person is their "lostness" and their commitment to the spirit of self-sabotage which is a powerful ENABLER.  

Here are a few signs of a "confused person":

They don't grow. A confused person will always be in the same situation and the same mindset that they were in the year before.

They have no goals. A confused person has no life direction and has no ideas how to get what they want out of life.

They act powerless.  A confused person will always act helpless and will always resort to "learned helplessness" to remain stuck. Why should they fix their own problems when they can drag others into their mud and their mess?

They dump on others; often. A confused person is an emotionally dumper. And they are often blood sucking energy draining vampires.

They hear what they want to hear. A confused person will always ask for "advice" but they will never act on that advice to make effective change. They are looking to be rescued but they are more committed to drowning.

They are inconsistent. A confused person's hallmark is inconsistency! And they will change their wants and needs like the weather because they are aimless.

They use Pretzel Logic.  Pretzel logic is when a person is committing to twisting and turning a into a narrative the supports they're dysfunctional thinking.

With that being said...avoid confused men and women because people who don't know who they are and what they want are Dangerous. 

Why are they Dangerous? 
Because they are committed to impeding the  progress of others by getting in your feminine way. XO Chloe_

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