What is the Burden of Masculinity?

The Burden of Masculinity is the leadership mantle by which a Masculine woman carries her entire being. She is a woman who is "head to toe" dripping in her proverbial manhood, her masculine dominance and her inability to put the "masculinity stick" down.

The Burden of Masculinity is when a woman has operated in her masculine for such an extended period of time that she believes that leading in her masculine is the only way to survive, get things done or to win at life!

Women who carry the mindset of  the burden of masculinity are usually women who lead their families,  \provide for their families and they are usually surrounded by a dearth of masculinity and masculine energy in the form of a man.  

When  woman's entire energy and life force are dominated by masculine energy it often evolves into a very toxic and combustible "Burden" of physical and emotional exhaustion, compromised mental health and more importantly a profound sense of life imbalance.

And with that "burden" comes a lot of frustration, anxiety, depression, overthinking and an overall depressed, limited  and often hopeless mindset!

As a solution the only way to actively drop "The Burden of Masculinity" is to become aware of it and to commit putting it down!

And the best way that a woman can put her masculinity down is to put the burden of masculinity back to where it belongs: with men!

So how does a woman begin to put her masculinity down?

By activating her feminine.

...and the pace by which a woman is willing to activate her feminine is entirely up to her!

Feminine activation can be as simple as refusing to date men who aren't providers,  it could involve switching careers to something less demanding and less stressful,  it could mean deferring your workload, it could mean dating masculine men often,  it could involve ditching your masculine man hating friends, it could involve ditching your masculine wardrobe for a feminine wardrobe, it could involve asking for more help in life as opposed to wanting a "gold star" for doing it all...

The pace by which a woman decides to drop "The Burden of Masculinity" is entirely up to her!

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  1. I am surrounded at my job by masculine women. The feel justified in their positions and always complaining how tired they are. Article hit the nail on the head!👏💟